Russia’s Second Vaccine Gets Approval From Putin Government

The EpiVacCorona has only been tried on 100 candidates till now in preliminary tests and scientists around the world have criticized the vaccine approval

Raghav N

October 16, 2020

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While the rest of the world is still waiting for an effective vaccine for the Coronavirus, Russia is already leading the immunization race with the announcement of a regulatory approval for its second COVID19 vaccine, the EpiVacCorona. This comes after the Sputnik V, the first inoculation was cleared by the country.

The EpiVacCorona, created in Siberia by the Vector Institute has reportedly finished its initial trials on 100 candidates and plans to enroll 40,000 volunteers across the country after its registration.

President Vladimir Putin addressed the media, calling this development good news. He also said that the production for both the vaccines need to be increased multi-fold to ensure that it reaches every Russian first and then the rest of the world. The Russian government has already pledged its cooperation in working with other nations to get its homegrown injections to everyone. As of now, both the vaccines are not in general distribution.

Scientists and medical experts worldwide have however viewed this development as a shortcut by the largest Asian country. They have expressed concerns about both the vaccines receiving their licenses even before completing large-scale clinical trials, which is a must in such cases.

The Kremlin republic is witnessing surging cases of Corona infections recently, especially with the winter setting in. With more than 1.37 million cases and almost 24,000 deaths till now, schools have been shut for the next two weeks to control the virus spread.

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