Russian Police Raids Opposition Party Office In Moscow

Along with the office raid, homes of several opposition leaders participating in the weekend local elections were also searched

Raghav N

September 10, 2020

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The Russian Police raided the office of opposition party, Open Russia in Moscow on Wednesday. CCTV footage obtained showed two men walking into the office and one of them climbing a chair to turn away the camera. Searches were also carried out in the homes of many rival leaders, who are either running for the local elections this weekend or helping in the electoral campaigns.

The Open Russia group said that the raid was a part of an old investigation into a defunct oil company, which was once owned by the group’s financier.

Some opposition members have come together, calling themselves the United Democrats, who plan to compete in the local polls on Sunday. This is a joint attempt to find some inroads into Russian regional politics, which is currently dominated by President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party.

This is not the first time the government’s treatment of its opponents has come to the forefront. Recently, Alexei Navalny, an important opposition leader was rushed to Germany for medical treatment after he was allegedly poisoned by a Novichok agent. While German doctors confirmed the same, the Russian ruling party has denied their hand in the poisoning claims.

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