Russia Files Case Against Google Over Charges Of Featuring Banned Content

The Russian communication watchdog said that the American origin tech company was still displaying atleast 30% banned content that was extremist, pornographic and suicidal 

Raghav N

November 24, 2020

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Russia has opened a case against  Google after the tech giant failed to remove banned content from its website.  According to the Russian communication watchdog Roskomnadzor, the search engine had not removed up to 30% of its dangerous content, some of which is allegedly extremist, pornographic and suicidal in nature.

Proceedings for this case have been initiated that could lead to a court battle and a fine of up to 5 million roubles ($ 65,670). Google was earlier fined 1.5 million roubles in August by a Russian court after it was found guilty of failing to block impermissible content. Last week, lawmakers of the Asian country presented a draft legislation to the government that could lead to restricted use of internet and social media especially for those online tech giants which may have discriminated against Russian media outlets.

In 2015, American employment online service LinkedIn was banned by the Vladimir Putin administration after a judicial body found that it had breached an internal data storage rule that required all data of its citizens to be stored within the country. Google is also under review for possible British competition enquiry as it’s regulator in UK said that it was assessing if a complaint against the web company in connection to digital advertising warranted a formal competition law investigation.

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