Russia Celebrates 60 Years Of Yuri Gagarin, The First Man To Go In Space

Sixty years ago on April 12, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person to reach space as Russia beat the rest of the world to become the first country to successfully complete a space trip.

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April 9, 2021

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On April 12 this year, the world will celebrate the sixty years anniversary of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becoming the first person to reach space. During a time when every powerhouse in the world was racing to reach space, Gagarin’s journey made the great feet in securing the victory for Russia. The journey was a groundbreaking leap in space exploration and one that is still studied and valued across the world. Although the journey had faced its fair share of criticism and conspiracies, Yuri Gagarin and his trip to the space is indeed a legendary story.

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It all started when Gagarin was selected from among the thousands of candidates to undergo some rigorous training required to make the space flight. Gagarin, at 27, a steelworker turned military pilot, showcased great results. It is said that the cosmonaut stood out from other candidates by removing his shoes before entering the Vostok spacecraft for the first time as it was a symbol of respect when someone removes their shoes before entering houses.

Gagarin space journey lasted just 108 minutes as his spacecraft Vostok made a loop around the earth. However, the journey didn’t go all as planned. Reportedly, Gagarin faced several glitches during the mission, with his spacecraft entering an orbit at a higher altitude, being the biggest one. At that point, if the spacecraft brakes had malfunctioned, he would have run out of supplies, but luckily it all worked fine.

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Gagarin landed several miles away from his expected landing point making him eject his capsule in a small town in southern Russia. Amid the Cold War situation, Gagarin struggled as he tried to convince the locals that he was not a foreign spy but a Russian astronaut.  Today, Gagarin’s historic flight’s anniversary is celebrated across Russia as ‘Cosmonautics Day’.

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