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RRR: SS Rajamouli Reveals The Gigantic Amount He Spent Each Day For His Historic-drama Film’s Interval Scene – DEETS INSIDE


January 3, 2022

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SS Rajamouli recently revealed how much he spent each day for the shooting of his upcoming film RRR. The filmmaker mentioned he spent a gigantic amount on the interval scene and it will take your breath away – You can’t afford to miss this

RRR is a megabudget spectacle. The SS Rajamouli film is going to take your breath away with its cinematography and direction. Also, the film includes an ensemble cast like Alia Bhatt, Jr NTR, Ram Charan and Ajay Devgn in the lead roles. The film is helmed by SS Rajamouli and the filmmaker has now revealed how much did he spend on the film’s interval scene shooting.

Reportedly, the director recently revealed that the film’s shooting for the interval scene was for 65 days continuously and the filmmaker had to bear the cost of Rs. 75 lakh for each day. Also, SS Rajamouli mentioned how his film has thus reached a budget of Rs. 400 crore and he even told the leading news portal how he is the happiest when he is writing the screenplay of the film, thus everything is free and he can be busy with his thoughts throughout the day.

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SS Rajamouli mentions how he is also gleeful and confident that he can impress his actors with his narration skills and thus he ends up taking the best actors on board for multiple chartbuster films. Also, SS Rajamouli mentions how during the shoot hours the film’s big units and equipment worry him because since he is the director he has to use all those expensive machines carefully.

SS Rajamouli reveals how he is calm and composed during all times but when someone does any kind of loss during the shoot hours, the filmmaker gets angry and upset. Thus, all these points spell out how serious the filmmaker is about each part while shooting for his film. All the effort that he has taken along with the cast of the film, will surely make RRR a sight to behold. The hype of the flick has raised the curiosity level of the movie.

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The film was all set to release on January 7, 2022. However, due to the rising Omicron cases, the flick has been

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