Rohitash Gaud Birthday: 10 Most Hilarious Scenes From Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai That Tickled Our Funny Bone

Actor Rohitash Gaud turns 55 today. Take a look at some of the most epic scenes from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai where the actor proved that he’s one of the finest performers on the small screens.

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March 24, 2021


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Rohitash Gaud, renowned as one of the finest comic actors, turns 55 today (March 24). For the last two decades, the actor has been entertaining everyone with his impressive acts. Be it his small cameos in Bollywood movies or lead roles on small screens, Rohitash has made his mark with his impressive comic timing. Apart from his comic roles, the actor has also played some key roles in Hindi films including Aamir and Pinjar. However, & TV’s comedy-drama Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai made him a popular personality among the masses.


Playing the character of Manmohan Tiwari in the show, the actor proved that he can make everyone laugh with his extraordinary humour and expressive acts. Through his performances, he has redefined the humour on TV and has become one of the finest performers. On the occasion of his 55th birthday, there’s nothing better than to revisit our favourite scenes of the actor.

So, here’s taking a look at the 10 most hilarious scenes from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai that tickled our funny bone.

Manmohan Vs Vibhuti The Lawsuit

Remember the time when Vibhuti forged an act to be wheelchair ridden to save himself from Rs 5 crore lawsuit? While all the tests and evidence proved that Vibhuti was truly suffering, Manmohan had his doubts. In this scene, we can see him talking to Angoori about Vibhuti’s antics. The way he describes Vibhu’s acts with some Hindi idioms is quite hilarious.

Tiwari The Groom

In the greed of his lavish property, Anita and Vibhutu look for a suitable groom for their uncle’s daughter Reshma. Out of excitement, Tiwari first agrees to marry and then along with Angoori he visits Vibhu’s house to call off the wedding. Watch this scene where Vibhu gets stupefied on Tiwari’s change in decision.

The Friendship Saga

Vibhuti and Manmohan argue with their wives over the value of friendship. In this scene watch this sweet banter between Angoori and an intoxicated Tiwari. Tiwari talks about the differences between friendship and love as he taunts his wife ironically.

The Poker Game

The Tiwaris and Mishras are involved in a poker game. In desperate need of money, Vibhuti seeks help from his mother who taunts him and Anita. Tiwari makes a point with his epic Hindi idioms as he talks about greed and life. However, he gets a beating from Vibhuti’s mother. Watch his expressive act in this scene.

An Inspiration For Painting

Vibhu and Tiwari get together to earn some quick money. TMT gives Vibhu a contract to paint a great portrait. Manmohan gets along with Vibhu to help him paint the portrait. Unable to paint something good, Vibhu urges Manmohan to dance so he can have inspiration while painting. Watch this epic scene where Tiwari morphs into a lady avatar and treats us with some moves.

Angoori And Veer Singh’s Date

Tiwari and Anita catch Angoori and Veer Singh on an evening date. Unaware of Veer Singh being Vibhu himself, Tiwari gets heartbroken. He vows to make Veer pay for his acts. Watch this scene where Anita fuels a furious Tiwari as he cries over Angoori’s betrayal.

Angoori Turns A Poet

Angoori writes a poem dedicated to Tiwari. Upon her insistence, he agrees to admire her words. However, when Angoori narrates the poem, Tiwari gets irritated yet appreciates Angoori. Watch this scene as he talks about his favourite stanzas of the poems.

A Call From The Gangster

To take revenge, Tillu along with his friends plan a prank call on Tiwari. They call him with a robbed phone and warn him of his death. Take a look at Tiwari’s expressions in this scene which changes as the phone conversation continues.

Vibhuti Tricks Tiwari

Vibhu disguised as a woman bumps into Tiwari as they have a fun-filled conversation. Vibhu’s double meaning talks makes Tiwari uncomfortable. Also, the cops arrive and Tiwari tries to save himself from getting caught. In this scene, watch how Tiwari deals with the cops.

Vibhuti Gets Caught

Angoori gets upset over the rumours of Tiwari’s love affair. Amidst all the chaos, Vibhuti’s act gets exposed, ultimately clearing off all the suspicions. Check out this scene as Tiwari explains the reasons behind his superstitious act of having drinks with a woman.

So, these were some of the hilarious scenes from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai where Rohitash Gaud stole the show. We wish this actor a very happy birthday and thank him for making us laugh all day, every day!

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