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RJ Anmol Helps Husbands To Impress Their Wives With Adorable Gifts; Shares How He Surprised His Lady Love Amrita Rao


January 14, 2022

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RJ Anmol in one of his videos shared how he surprised his lady love, Amrita Rao, by gifting her unbelievable and most expensive gift- find out to get a hint for your Valentine

Love motivates you to do unusual and unique things for your partner. Amrita Rao, an actress, is no exception. Actress Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol began sharing parts of their love story on YouTube a while ago. But now, thanks to their new YouTube series, every little detail about their love lives are being revealed, and we’re blown away. Amrita and Anmol’s family revealed many funny secrets about the couple as well.

Recently, On the most recent episode of their show Couple of Things, RJ Anmol shared a list of romantic surprises he has given his wife Amrita Rao over the years. RJ Anmol revealed that he bought an expensive rock for the actress, calling it the ‘most experience gift of his life.’ He surprised his lady love with an expensive gift, ahead of Valentine’s Day.

As Valentine is around the corner, he decided to surprise his wife Amrita taking it to a whole new level.” Because we all know that girls adore diamonds and that diamonds are your best friend, he decided to give her a solitaire diamond. One of his Zaveri uncles, he knows. He called him and expressed his desire to have a solitaire ring made for his wife. He also revealed that he had secretly taken Amrita’s ring size.

He further mentioned her reaction, Amrita was taken aback, and her first thought was, “Is it real?” RJ Anmol hugged her and referred to her as a real diamond.

RJ Anmol’s parents revealed an intriguing detail about their son’s love story with Amrita Rao during one of the show’s segments. At a special screening of Jewel Thief in 2009, the adoring parents spoke about their one-of-a-kind encounter with legendary actor Dev Anand. According to them, the veteran actor had a feeling that Amrita and Anmol were having an affair. Anmol’s mother reminisced about it when they were talking about it.

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Amrita Rao, an actress, and her husband, RJ Anmol, prefer to keep their relationship private and away from the press. The couple has left their fans amazed and in awe of them since their wedding announcement in 2016 to the news of Amrita’s pregnancy in 2020.

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