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Rishton Ka Manjha 30 March 2022 Written Update: Arjun gets injured while playing!


March 30, 2022

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Karan, Kavita, Arjun and Diya face each other. The referee refuses to help Karan. Karan cheats and hurts Arjun’s eye in the process. Diya demands to see the CCTV footage but Karan comes out clean. Arjun refuses to back down. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5, before TV!

In the previous episode of Rishton Ka Manjha, Diya comes to play, surprising Karan and Kavita. Arjun removes her bandages and everyone is surprised to see that she has no injuries. Niharika walks in and Karan realises that she lied to him. Niharika states that she cannot betray the Agarwals, after everything they have done for her. Kush, sitting in the stands, feels surprised by her words. Deepika brings Madhuri to the stadium and she realises that Diya is not injured and it was all a ploy to dupe Karan and Kavita. Later, Madhuri apologises to Niharika for mistreating her. Kush keeps an eye on Kavita and records her conversation with a match official, as she asks him to disqualify Arjun and Diya. Kush takes care of the situation.

In the next episode of Rishton Ka Manjha, the competition continues and the announcer mentions that the league stage is now over and announces the name of the four players who have progressed to the next round. Kush signals to Arjun that he has taken care of the situation. The announcer mentions that Diya and Arjun will face Karan and Kavita. Later, the match between them begins. An intense battle ensues and Madhuri shouts and tells Arjun to win at any cost. Arjun and Diya win the first set and the announcer states that the winner of the next round will be the champion. Karan goes to the referee and threatens him but the referee proclaims that he cannot help Karan anymore. He tells Karan that a man showed him a video of the conversation he had with Kavita about fixing the match. Karan asks the referee to show who it was but he’s unable to find Kush in the stands. Later, Arjun tells Karan to play honestly and to focus on his game. Karan cheats in the game and Arjun suffers an injury in his eye. Diya shouts and blames Karan for hurting Arjun. She demands him to show his hands and when he does so, his hands are clean. Diya demands to see the CCTV footage but Karan comes out clean. Arjun says that he will continue playing the match, which worries Madhuri and Diya asks how will he be able to play with blurred vision. Karan and Kavita win the points and Diya mentions that they won’t be able to win like this. The announcer states that the third round will begin shortly and Arjun states that they will not quit, whatever the outcome may be.

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