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Rishton Ka Manjha 23 March 2022 Written Update: Kush tells Arjun that Luv is missing!


March 24, 2022

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Madhuri misses Luv and asks Kush to get him back home. Niharika continues her act and Karan tells her his plan. Arjun tells Madhuri that Luv is nowhere to be found but Diya comes rushing in with some news. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Rishton Ka Manjha, Niharika spies on Diya and asks her where Arjun is. She talks about choosing a new path and mentions that she is now repenting her sins by living a pious life. Arjun arrives with Bablu and Diya hugs him, sobbing. It is revealed that Arjun and Diya were in cahoots all along and Arjun had followed Diya to Bablu’s location. Ajit tells Karan about this, who feels furious and starts shouting at him. Kavita worries about their involvement and Karan tells her that there’s no evidence linking them. Later, Karan, Kavita, Arjun, and Diya run into each other at the Badminton federation, engaging in a war of words. Back home, Madhuri suggests celebrating Holi with family and not inviting everyone. Arjun interjects and says that they will be celebrating with grandiose and they will call everyone. Madhuri misses Luv and conveys her worries about him.

In the next episode of Rishton Ka Manjha, Madhuri mentions that she is not in the mood to celebrate Holi and she misses Luv and doesn’t know where he is. Kush tells her that he had asked around about Luv and he is drinking in a resort, outside Kolkata. Madhuri tells him to go meet him and bring him back and to give him a chance as even Niharika has changed. Niharika walks in, chanting, and says that she will take charge of the Holi puja. Kush intervenes and tells her to stop pretending but Madhuri tells him not to shout at her. Diya tells a worried Madhuri that they will bring Luv back home. Later, Niharika calls Karan and tells him about the ongoings at the Agarwal House. He gives her instructions which worry Niharika and she wonders what she should do. Kavita conveys her worries to Karan, who tells her that Niharika is just a pawn for him. Diya takes care of Arjun’s fractured hand and he worries about playing badminton with it. Kush comes to Arjun and tells him that he cannot find Luv anywhere. Diya worries about it and wonders if they should tell Madhuri and Deepika about it. Arjun tries to tell Madhuri and Deepika that Luv is nowhere to be found and the police have been notified. Madhuri cries and starts worrying about his condition. He later wonders if Karan really wants to defeat him on the badminton court. Niharika feels frustrated over Karan’s plan and puts on her act quickly as Kush comes into the room. Kush warns her that if he found any piece of evidence, he’d throw her out of the house. The next day, the preparations for Holi begin but Madhuri and Deepika feel upset over Luv’s disappearance. Arjun tells Deepika that he will support her every decision. Diya comes running and states that Luv has been found.

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