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Rishton Ka Manjha 14 March 2022 Written Update: Bablu gets kidnapped!


March 16, 2022

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Diya doesn’t tell Arjun about Bablu and goes to her house abruptly. Arjun finds her behavior suspicious and decides to investigate. Karan and Kavita help Niharika, getting her to agree to a condition. Diya argues with Kavita and Karan. To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Rishton Ka Manjha, Madhuri is happy seeing the room decorated by Deepika and tells her to not let Arjun and Diya enter the room before midnight. Deepika mentions that she will lock the room and Madhuri agrees with her. Later, Deepika stops Diya and helps her to get ready. Kush, on the other hand, distracts Arjun and sits with him. Later, Deepika and Kush lock Diya and Arjun inside the room and Arjun confesses his love for Diya. The next morning, Meera comes to meet Diya and sobs uncontrollably. She tells Diya that Bablu has been kidnapped and the kidnappers’ demand is for Diya to not play badminton with Arjun. Diya figures that it is Karan who has kidnapped Bablu. Meera gets Diya to swear to not tell Arjun about the whole incident.

In the next episode of Rishton Ka Manjha, Diya lies to Arjun about Meera’s visit and starts packing her bags, stating that she wishes to visit her home for a few days. Arjun asks what is bothering her but she doesn’t tell him. Meanwhile, Niharika wakes up in Karan’s house and he offers her food and shelter. She feels grateful and Kavita serves her some food as well. Niharika tells them that she has no money and cannot go home anymore. Karan and Kavita tell her to rest and not to worry about anything. Later, Arjun starts packing his bag as well but Diya stops him and says that she’ll return in two days. He tells her that their practice is crucial and she should call Meera home for a few days but Diya rejects his suggestion. Kush comes there as well and he too finds Diya’s behavior suspicious. Arjun agrees with him and says that Diya is acting weird since Meera visited her. Arjun wonders that something is going on and decides to check it for himself. Later, Niharika thanks Karan and Kavita for the hospitality but they tell her that they’ll take care of her but she needs to agree to a condition. Niharika agrees and Karan tells her his plan, to take advantage of the decency of the Agarwals and gets Niharika to go back to the house to keep an eye on Diya and Arjun. He tells her that he has taken care of Diya for the time being and to just keep her eyes peeled on Arjun’s movements. Later, Arjun comes to Diya’s house and wonders where everyone is. Meanwhile, Diya fights with Karan and proclaims Bablu’s innocence. Kavita interjects and says that she has no proof of their wrongdoings. Karan mentions that he doesn’t know who Ajit is, making Diya furious. She tells him that Arjun still doesn’t know about the whole incident and if he does, he’ll come and kill them.

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