Rishi Kapoor’s Daughter Riddhima Kapoor Commemorates Daddy Dearest’s Birthday With His Last Film Poster

Late actor Rishi Kapoor’s last flm Sharmaji Namkeen’s first look, was shared by superstar’s daughter Riddhima on her Insta account.



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Letting go on loved ones is the hardest and when it comes to daughters and fathers the pain remains raw for a long, long time. When Rishi Kapoor passed away on the 30th of April, 2020 the entire film industry and the Kapoor family was in shock. A year later, the wound still pains but the beautiful memories of the man and the legend work like a balm. With that thought, Riddhima Kapoor Saini shared the first look of the film c to commemorate the birth anniversary of the late actor.

Sharing the first look with the fans, Riddhima wrote, “We are proud to present, the poster of a very special film- Sharmaji Namkeen, starring one of the most celebrated actors in the Hindi film industry whose inimitable work and sparkling career we will cherish forever, Mr. Rishi Kapoor. As a mark of love, respect and remembrance of him and as a gift to his millions of fans, here is the first look of his final film.”

The film is one of the last times we will see Rishi Kapoor onscreen, with actors like Juhi Chawla and Paresh Rawal in it, it will certainly be a feast for all his fans. It is hardly a surprise that the first look itself has garnered so much curiosity and excitement. With fans chanting, ‘cannot wait for it’, Riddhima’s surprise for all was clearly a hit.

Finishing off where Rishi Kapoor left, would be Paresh Rawal and Riddhima didn’t forget to thank him for it, “A big thank you to Mr. Paresh Rawal, who completed the film by agreeing to take the sensitive step of portraying the same character played by Rishi-ji.”

Sharma ji Namkeen is produced by Excel Entertainment and Macguffin Pictures, directed by debutant Hitesh Bhatia, this film is a light-hearted coming-of-age story of a lovable 60-year-old-man. Juhi Chawla who is also a part of the film claims it is one of those that instantly makes you smile and feel good. Like the rest of Chintu-ji’s fans, we can’t wait either!

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