Rishi From Kamali Is Just The Kind Of Person You Need On Valentine’s Day And Here’s Why!

Rishi is romantic, charming and more. He’s the ideal partner and here are five reasons why.


February 14, 2020

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Niranjan BS plays Rishi from Kamali and is undoubtedly the most charming, handsome, sweetest and romantic man on-screen. His good looks will make your heart melt and send chills down your spine (in a good way of course) His appearance is not the only thing worth appreciating here. Rishi is the ultimate partner to Kamali and here’s why we think so.

He’s Very Supportive

Rishi supports Kamali and her aspirations in life. As she trains to become a Kabbadi player, Rishi guides her through it all and encourages her to continue playing, regardless of the hurdles that come her way. Rishi also helps her with her studies, thereby striking a balance between her school work and sports.

A Good Friend

Companionship is one of the most important aspects of being with someone and Rishi has always been a good friend to Kamali before anything else. He not only supports and guides her, but is able to share his feelings with her just as she is able to. This indicates that clear communication is necessary in a relationship.

Kamali express her grief with regard to some problem in college
Kamali express her grief with regard to some problem in college

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Rishi is honest with Kamali. He does not hide anything from her and always expresses how he truly feels. Even when it comes to all the trouble caused to her by Anika, he advises Kamali not to give the latter the freedom to affect or harm her. He does not sugarcoat his words and is truthful.

Rishi Is Loyal

Rishi is in love with Kamali and is loyal to her. He does not talk about other women. Even when Anika tries to tempt him into being with her, he does not pay heed to her behaviour and keeps distance from her.

Rishi playfully teases Kamali
Rishi playfully teases Kamali

Rishi Gives Kamali Space

Rishi does not invade Kamali’s space. In a relationship, it is essential that both partners are independent while being together and no one understands it better than our chocolate boy, right here!

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