Rimli: This new Bengali TV show aims to shed light on farmers and their plights

This brand new path-breaking Zee Bangla show is bringing the plights of farmers to the mini screen. Check it out.

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February 15, 2021


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The viewers of Zee Bangla, in the past, have enjoyed some path-breaking stories of modern times. Keeping along the same lines, Zee Bangla is presenting their brand-new show, Rimli, a show that will bring for the life and plights of the everyday farmers, starting a conversation on the often forgotten lives.

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The story will bring forth the lives of farmers. It will feature one of the largest communities of West Bengal, that works hard all day to bring food to all our tables. From Mukhebhaat (first rice ceremony) or Bhat-Kapor (where the husband vows to take care of the wife) to a hearty Bangali meal, rice not just satiates our everyday hunger but is also an integral part of all auspicious beginnings. But what goes on with the people who grow our food? The plight of farmers in West Bengal and beyond is shouting to be heard.

Idika in a scene from Rimli (Source: ZEE5)

The show will revolve around Rimli, played by actor Idika, a brave and determined girl. She is brought up by her maternal family after losing her parents at a very young age. Despite the hardships, she strives and becomes a proud farmer, hoping to one day uplift the lives of fellow farmers in an economy that is based on agriculture. Her continual fight makes the rest of the story.

The show is set around the scenic setting of the rustic Bengal, bringing alive the soul of the soil and essence of the paddy fields. The earthy, natural, and refreshing visually rich show is bound to give its viewers a fresh treat for the eye. Standing far away from the usual daily soap dramas that tell tales of family feuds and couple romances, Rimli will be the first of its kind story, bringing the plights of a farmer to the mini screen.

A scene from the serial Rimli (Source: ZEE5)

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Zee Bangla has always been active when it comes to bringing forth path-breaking stories. From stories with inspirational protagonists that challenge social evil to showcasing the plights of a common man, the channel has always been vocal through shows like Rani Rashmoni, Aamar Durga, and Phirki, to name a few. Rimli, is bound to be yet another great show placing the question – “why are the people, who provide food for the entire nation, always the last ones to get food for themselves?”.

The show that will talk about the lives of farmers and their plight of working hard, only to be exploited by the rich and powerful, is expected to be out soon.

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