Ridhi Dogra To Make Her Bollywood Debut With Anshuman Jha In The Action Drama Lakadbaggha

Riddhi Dogra is all set up to make her Bollywood debut along with Anshuman Jha. The actress spoke about how she was looking for good opportunity and talked about her character in the movie


November 24, 2021


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Ridhi Dogra has chosen this film as her debut movie because of the people behind it and the topic that the film is intending to spread awareness of – the animal trade industry. To prepare for her role as a Kolkata-based crime-fighting officer, she has already begun training and work-hopping with Anshuman.

She said When a person wants to do any sort of work the work gradually finds them and they have to finish it. She further added that she is not the kind of person who will just jump into any kind of opportunity just to be a part of the movies, unless and until it has meaning in it. This is why she has chosen Lakadbaggha to be her feature film debut. She has always chosen to pick teams with depth over superficial things which are important otherwise.

The vibe, energy & passion is also important. And from the moment, she saw Anshuman talk about the film, She knew she wanted to be a part of his process because there was passion, conviction & clarity. She said, as an actor, he is so invested in his work that she desired to be a part of the creation he was so earnestly portraying. The cherry on top is that the script takes an Ethical stance toward humanity.

She is overjoyed and relieved because this is the type of job she wants to undertake and the type of team she always wants to have. Rarely does one come across an action film with a universal and heartfelt story. And this character – a Catholic-Bengali cop, a fierce cop in Kolkata, who is highly evolved and moral, yet loving and passionate. Previously she played a forensic officer, but this is quite different – she confronts the situation head-on and takes command.

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She is a woman in power in comparison to a woman who is a member of the power team, which fascinates her. This role has empowered her in a way that it has served as a form of training for the Action with Vicky and Anshuman. Additionally, this character is a badass. But she is enjoying the seminars and is looking forward to interacting with Anshuman and participating in Action for the first time.

Anshuman, who was last seen alongside Zareen Khan in Hum Bhi Akele, Tum Bhi Akele, has been training in Krav Maga for four months and the film is set to feature raw, street-fight style action.

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