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RGV received a solid response on THIS comment from Manchu Manoj


October 20, 2021

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Manchu Manoj gave a sarcastic reply to a tweet by director Ram Gopal Varma where the latter took a dig at the recently held MAA elections, calling it a Circus

It cannot come as a surprise to anyone when the name of the movie director Ram Gopal Verma  gets involved in a controversy. The Rangeela director who is well known for his no-filter and candid opinions and the broadcast of them too, has expressed his view on the recently held MAA election in the Telugu film industry. He took to twitter on Tuesday and posted his views by calling the said elections as a ‘Circus’. The director wrote “Cine’MAA’ is a CIRCUS full of JOKERS”.

In response to the above comment by the director, Manchu Manoj, actor and the younger brother of the recently appointed MAA President, Manchu Vishnu, took to twitter and called RGV the “Ringmaster”. He wrote in his tweet “And you are the RingMaster, sir”. The young actor immediately got the support of his sister Lakshmi Manchu when she gave a thumbs up to Manoj’s sarcastic reply to RGV and wrote “Aaattt Manu.”

However, the Satya director did not stop here and went on with his tweets, totally ignoring the response by Manchu Manoj. He went on to express his thoughts in a more philosophical way while at the same time taking a dig at the previous tweet by the actor. RGV wrote in one of his succeeding  tweet “Intellectuals are bigger fools than fools because they do not realise that the world is full of fools who cannot understand intelligence and that’s the reason why fools become more successful than intellectuals.”  

The MAA elections have been a centre of many controversies from the past few months and this little tweet streak seems to be just another feather in its cap.

The MAA(Movie Artiste Association)  is the apex body of the Telugu film industry that holds its elections every two years to elect the governing body of the association that comprises 26 members. In this year’s election, the voting was held on 10th of October 2021, where Manchu Vishnu defeated Prakash Raj and was elected as the President of MAA.

Currently, director RGV Ram Gopal Varma is working on his new project “Konda,” a story based on the lives of Konda Murali and Surekha, a political couple from Warangal. RGV stated that the film would depict how extraordinary circumstances shaped extraordinary people like Konda Murali.

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