Revisit These 5 Romantic Moments Of Jui And Aalap As Prem Poison Panga Spirals Towards An End

The show stars Karan Bendre and Sharayu Sonawane in the lead roles as Jui and Aalap. It is a story of a shape-shifter snake.

Ankita Tiwari

September 23, 2020


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Karan Bendre and Sharayu Sonawane’s Zee Yuva show Prem Poison Panga is going to be replaced by a new-age romantic drama soon. But before the show wraps up, we need to revisit these romantic moments between Jui and Aalap. For the uninitiated, Prem Poison Panga is a Zee Yuva show that has been airing since last year. The show has been a major hit as it has introduced the concept of shape-shifter snakes. Jui is an ‘icchhadhari’ snake who can shift shapes. The show is about her journey as a shape-shifter snake as she tries to keep the secret hidden from her beau Aalap. But what is more interesting is Jui and Aalap’s crackling chemistry! We will miss it, won’t you? Let’s have a look at these moments.

Watch the latest episode of the show here.

1. Aalap comes to console Jui: In the first few episodes when Jui and Aalap were dating we noticed how she got angry and frustrated at the changes in her life due to the genes that were structured to turn her into a snake. But Aalap apologised to her and tried to bring her closer to him even when she pushed him away!

2. Aalap followed Jui: When Jui went in search of the nagmani into the serpent forest, Aalap followed her. He did not think about the risks associated with this and blindly went behind his ladylove to rescue her!

3. Jui’s surprise visit: Jui visited Aalap wearing a saree that he had gifted. Aalap only wished to see Jui and there she was in front of him on the terrace of his house! Isn’t it so romantic?

4. Aalap and Jui’s marriage: Aalap was set to marry a girl of his mother, Malti’s choice but Jui enetered the wedding hall taking the shape of a snake and stopped the wedding. She then married Aalap against Malti’s wishes and went to their house.

5. Aalap’s struggles to keep Jui happy: Aalap’s mother Malti took a lot of time to accept Jui but in that time period Aalap made sure that Jui was not unhappy and that she was well-taken care of as he had promised Jui’s parents Kailas and Amruta the same.

Watch the last few episodes of Prem Poison Panga and all the earlier episodes streaming on ZEE5!

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