Reviews: Darbaan Stands Out On OTT As Critics Call It An Exception In The Times Of Raw Crime Sagas

Darbaan lived up to the expectations of the masses as well as the critics and turned out to be a delightful and heartwarming watch.

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December 8, 2020



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Through Bipin Nadkarni’s Darbaan , we witnessed an on-screen adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s story after a long time and it definitely lives up to the spirit of Tagore’s literature of human psychology. A heartwarming tale of the selfless bond between a loyal servant Raicharan (Sharib Hashmi and his master’s son Anukul (Sharad Kelkar) unfortunately takes mysterious turns exploring elements such as trauma, love, and most importantly human relationships.

The film lived up to the expectations of the masses as well as the critics and turned out to be a delightful and heartwarming watch. Though being laden with a mystery, it has its beautiful moments and visuals that make it more strong in terms of its story. Darbaan has made up to the list of soulful movies ever made in Bollywood. Critics appreciated Nadkarni’s debut and here’s what they had to say about the film.

The Hindu

The Hindu defines Darbaan as a heartwarming tale and appreciates Sharib Hashmi’s stellar performance. The review further adds defining Hashmi’s character, “The little transitions in his character as Raicharan ages sums up a convincing display by the actor. However, beyond his classy performance, Darbaan seems like a script better suited to the stage than the canvas of a cinema.”


Sharib Hashmi delivers a touching performance. Service and Servitude are important elements of this story. Hashmi essays the domestic worker who never quite stops being one. The review further adds, “In a less dewy-eyed and more questioning film, Raicharan might have evolved into an interesting character, one who begins to question his loyalty to a feudal order. Raicharan barely changes over three generations, but Hashmi ensures that we stick by his side.”

A still from Darbaan
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The critic writes Darbaan being based on Tagore’s short story explores how the emotion of guilt can make one do things that appear unfathomable to others. The review concludes by making a noteworthy point, “The makers should be appreciated for choosing this particular story because such tales hardly find a place in modern Hindi cinema. The screenplay narrates Tagore’s moving tale like a smooth-flowing river. You get sucked into the world of Raicharan, which is full of innocence, something we hardly see in today’s times of raw crime sagas on the web.”

Mashable India

Mashable calls Darbaan the story of loyalty and sacrifice between two generations. It further defines the film as a social drama and it’s something we haven’t seen in a long time. The review concludes by stating, “Raicharan’s ideas of loyalty, friendship, caregiving and the ultimate sacrifice that forms the essence of the story. And with Hashmi’s immaculate performance, the result is a note-worthy tale of two generations.”


Darbaan is a soul-stirring saga of guilt, hope & redemption, writes GlamSham. “Writer-Director Bipin Nadkarni along with his team of writers Radhika Anand and Rakesh Jadhav render humanity and its complex vulnerabilities tactfully without going overboard and add the needed hope in the end,” adds the review.

Darbaan is streaming now on Zee5.


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