Reviewers Approve! ZEE5 Original G.O.D Has Truly Set New Benchmarks For Telugu OTT Space

Now that Gods Of Dharmapuri is available for streaming, not only have audiences loved it but critics have also approved of it. Read here

Sneha Bale

November 13, 2019


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ZEE5 original series Gods of Dharmapuri, which released last month, has been garnering praise from all quarters. Viewers are expressing their admiration for the intricate details of the show. The internet has been abuzz about this 10-episode series since its first day of release. The team of G.O.D knew the effort that they had put in to create this product and were sure about the new benchmark that it would set. Now, many reviewers and critics have approved of their belief and the product.

Reviewers have been really exploring the underlying concepts in the show. Pratyush Parasuraman writes for Film Companion, “We learn that politics is as much about serving people, as it is about inflicting violence on them. It’s a grim moral to take away but you take it as it is compellingly enacted.”

He adds, “What begins as a story of the mining mafia becomes a saga of fraying political dynasty-hood. The beats of the story are inherently dramatic, but in the hands of Anish Kuruvilla, it also becomes incredibly stylish, with vignette frames, yellow flares, and a rousing score.” While Hemanth Kumar talks about the director in The News Minute, “The series is a roller-coaster ride, and Anish Kuruvilla has a stern control over the narrative,”

Pratap in GOD
Pratap in GOD

“In its best moments, G.O.D focuses on the family legacy and the ripple effect of one’s actions even after several years. Throughout the story, there’s a constant undercurrent of violence and oppression over two generations.” He describes, “The backstory, even if it feels a tad too long, is a necessary evil to justify how people change once they have power in their hands and call the shots. By the end of the story, it justifies how life, and more importantly violence, comes full circle.”

Commending the performances and the writing of the show, the reviewer says, “The story hits top gear once the narrative moves to the late ‘70s and early ‘80s with the arrival of Venu and Ravi. Even when the story turns predictable, the screenplay is gripping enough to keep us hooked and Anish succeeds in executing his vision with great clarity.”

Not only them but many stars from the Tollywood too have great views about the show. Watch it here:

Have you seen the show? Let us know your thoughts below. If you’re looking for something similar, check out Kailasapuram on ZEE5 and stay tuned for Hawala on November 21.

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