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Top 5 Celebs Trending Reels Of The Year That Shook The Internet And We Can’t Just Unsee It


December 27, 2021

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Reels are fun and everyone has become a celebrity in their own space by making reels. But some of the reels created by our celebrities are not to be missed

Instagram is a platform where everyone including celebrities shares their life happenings and several trends become popular. There is a fever to try out new trends and challenges and many Bollywood celebs too have taken part in it. Here’s a list of reels by B-town stars that went viral:

1. Janhvi Kapoor’s ‘What is this behaviour’

We’re sure that every person on social media is aware of the famous conversation/fight between Pooja Missra and Shonali Nagran in the Bigg Boss. That fight had gone viral and almost everyone including Janhvi Kapoor made a video on their sound and we can’t get over how terrifically she enacted Pooja’s character.

2. ‘Don’t rush challenge’ by Vicky Kaushal

The Don’t Rush Challenge was started by a student, Toluwalase Asolo and since then the trend has become popular. Vicky Kaushal was seen moving effortlessly and smoothly in his reel and it has blown up the internet with millions of views.

3. Madhuri Dixit’s ‘Lazy Lad’

Madhuri Dixit’s style and elegance leave us awestruck every time. The dancing trend on the song ‘Lazy Lad’ had gone viral and almost all celebrities have shared their videos dancing to it. Madhuri Dixit was seen moving energetically to this trend and this reel has 24.8 million views this far.

4. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

The power couple, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh had created a reel on the famous dialogue of Shehnaaz Gill’s ‘Saada kutta’. Both are seen dancing around funnily and like others, they could not keep themselves away from the obsession.

5. Shipa Shetty moving to ‘Jugnu’

Baadshah’s song ‘Jugnu’ has gone viral and the Jugnu challenge has been performed by many stars. Shilpa Shetty too shared a video of her and Baadshah performing elegantly on this hit song.

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Bollywood celebs are up to date about the trends and have shared their videos that became popular the second they posted them. Let us know which one did you like the most!

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