REVIEW: Watch Jeet As He Brings His Punch Back With Panther: Hindustaan Meri Jaan

It’s not every day that a spy thriller gets made in Bengali. We tell you why this one will definitely make your day.

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January 6, 2020


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A group of terrorists out to destroy the country. One lone agent who might just save the day. Who will win this battle? When it’s Jeet who’s been given the duty to save the day, you already know the answer, right? We saw his heroics in superhit movies like Boss and Inspector Notty K and it’s the same signature style that we get to see in Panther: Hindustan Meri Jaan too. In this latest Bengali action film, the superstar is supported by a strong cast and excellent filmmaking, that will hold your attention till the very end. It’s a fun film to end a Monday with.

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To set the stage, the movie starts with RAW leading forward a terrorist, in chains. The organisation the terrorist is from, plans to conduct bomb blasts in a number of Indian cities to bargain for his freedom. We’re taken on a whirlwind journey, as RAW’s top agent, played by Jeet, uses both brain and brawn, to foil their plans. Throughout the film, Jeet continues to play a mysterious persona. We only know his codename, ‘Panther’. It’s just one of the many factors that make the movie as baffling as it is dramatic.

Jeet in Panther: Hindustan Meri Jaan (Source: ZEE5)

The drama in Panther is maintained well, with engaging fight scenes, choreographed by Abbas Ali Moghul. They’re epic and are definitely one of the talking points of the film. Then there’s the cinematography by Ramyadip Saha, that perfectly captures, how fast-paced everything is. You can feel the tension, as the agent works against the clock, and the enormity of the situation he’s handling. It’s what makes scenes like the haunting blasts in the trailer hard to forget, with the way they’ve been shot.

The seriousness is broken up by light-hearted moments in between. Fitting in drama and comedy together can be difficult to do, but Panther: Hindustan Meri Jaan does it well. You can look forward to some lovely comic moments, delivered by dependable supporting cast including actors like Saswata Chatterjee. Don’t miss out on the entertaining dance numbers either! They’re an extra delight to watch, because of the lovely female lead Shraddha Das.

Jeet and Shraddha Das in Panther: HIndustan Meri Jaan (Source: ZEE5)

With all the fine, diverse elements it has, Panther: Hindustan Meri Jaan makes for a refreshing Bengali spy thriller. Watch Panther for the way it’s been made and for being a classic ‘Jeet’ film, something his fans are bound to love.

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