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Review: The Arjun Chakraborty and Anjan Dutt starrer Saheber Cutlet is a delightful treat

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

March 22, 2021

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Anjan Dutt’s 2020 musical, Saheber Cutlet is an unmissable must-watch that will serve you the right doses of togetherness, humour, conflict, music, food and much more. Catch the film on ZEE5 now!

A 2020 film, Saheber Cutlet recently had its world television premiere on Zee Bangla. With the film being from a musical-food genre, Saheber Cutlet is a complete entertainer with ample doses of humour, conflict, togetherness, and mainly food and music. Directed by the remarkable Anjan Dutt, the film follows the events that take place in Ronojoy’s life after he quits his job as a chef and sets off to sell off his ancestral home to gather money for fulfilling his dream of opening a café in Paris.

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Saheber Cutlet stars actor Arjun Chakraborty in the lead role of Ronojoy, a super-talented and passionate chef. Actor Anindita Bose is seen playing the role of Vania, Ronojoy’s girlfriend, in the film. Seen in other prominent roles are actors Suprobhat Das and Sritama Dey, as siblings, Potla and Khedi, respectively. Singer-songwriter turned director, Anjan Dutt stars in the film as Ostaad/Solaris, while it also features Kanchan Mullick as Kana Ukil and Ambarish Bhattacharya as Balmiki.

Anjan Dutt and Arjun Chakraborty in Saheber Cutlet
Source: ZEE5

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Essayed by Arjun Chakraborty in the film, Ronojoy is an ardent chef who hopes to fulfill his dream of opening a café in Paris. And to accumulate the required funding for it, he sets off to his ancestral home to sell it off. The film begins at the point of Ronojoy’s life when he quits his job as a chef to commence on the journey of selling that house. However, what awaits him is a surprising turn of events. Ronojoy runs into trouble when the refugees, Potla, Khedi, and their family, residing in the house for over 25 years, simply refuse to leave, for him to be able to sell it.

Kanchan Mullick, Sritama Dey and Arjun Chakraborty in Saheber Cutlet
Source: ZEE5

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What follows is a truly hilarious yet beautiful span of time when Rono decides to stay at his ancestral home. From meeting Ostaad, essayed by Anjan Dutt himself, to facing serious trouble caused by Potla, played by Suprobhat Das, Rono goes through it all. Taking Ostaad’s idea, Rono even opens a restaurant in the house in partnership with Sukumar, while employing Khedi and her younger brother.

Saheber Cutlet
Source: ZEE5

Later, Balmiki joins the team too but Potla keeps getting angrier by the day before finally breaking down and giving in. While Khedi tends to Rono’s needs without being asked, she ends up butting heads with her own elder brother, Potla. Additionally, there is an adorable yet spine-chilling secret about Ostaad and his equation with Rono that you can only find out about if you watch the film all the way through to the end.

Suprobhat Das and Sritama Dey in Saheber Cutlet
Source: ZEE5

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Full of lively music, well-timed humour, a shared passion for food, deep-rooted emotions, an essence of togetherness, and layered affection, the film makes for a heartwarming and powerful entertainer.

Saheber Cutlet brilliantly puts together various elements of the Bengali heritage, primarily food and music, alongside a few other tiny elements of life like family, conflict, ego, resolution, and more. While all the actors turn singers for the film, other than just delivering unparalleled acting performances, we witness Anjan Dutt’s unbeaten sense of direction and Neel Dutt’s brilliant music in the film. It is safe to say that Anjan Dutt’s 2020 directorial Saheber Cutlet makes for a must-watch musical that each and every movie-lover definitely needs to indulge in at the earliest!

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