Rettai Roja: What Happens Next In Kanthaswami’s Cute Love Story?

When Abhirami and Sanjeev reach Kanthaswami”s house, he opens up a secret about his life and narrates his love story to them

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November 9, 2020


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In the recent episode of Rettai Roja, we saw that Kanthaswami starts narrating his love story to Abhi and Sanjeev. He starts by saying that the marriage to Kanthaswami’s parents was an arranged marriage but to him, it was a love marriage. He manages to uplift the mood by narrating this story, however, it leaves the viewers wanting to know more.

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The episode starts with Kali, cleverly managing to send Abhirami and Sanjeev on a bike to her parents’ place so they can get closer. A short-tempered Sanjeev lashes at her when she sits too close and he was forced to buy flowers for her at the signal. Once they reach Kanthaswami’s house, they are hosted graciously. In the flow of a conversation, Kanthaswami mentions their love story and Sanjeev insists on listening to it.

Kanthaswami’s cute love story starts when his dad sends him to get milk for the house. He spots Devaianai on the way and rides away slowly trying to catch a proper glimpse as she smiles at him. Although we know it ended well, and they did get married, the love story is too cute for us to let go. Considering the fact that Devaianai and Kanthaswami are goals, we would definitely want to see more of how it all began. What started as a cycle ride to the grocery store eventually developed into a love story and we certainly long to see the whole story

Rettai Roja is a 2019 Tamil drama television series starring Shivani, Nimesh Sagar and Akshay. The story revolves around the twin sisters, Anu and Abi, each with distinct characters and opposite nature, who are destined to live under the same roof even after their marriage. Eventually, Anu dies and it is just Abhirami/ Abi who is married to Anu’s brother in law. What transpires between them is the story next.

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