Resolution To Reality: 5 Traits Of Your Favourite Stars You Can Practice To Perfection

Sneha Bale

January 30, 2020


1 min

1. Stay persistent like Jr NTR

It’s 2020 and the season of resolutions. We’re sure that you are surrounded and haunted by the inevitable question, “what’s your resolution for 2020?”. Have you thought of it yet? Well, making a resolution is always fun but letting them go is so 2019! This time, we’re going to chase our dreams and make them our reality. If you aren’t sure what’s your goal for the year, we’ve got some simple and essential traits that one must have, to be a better person. Fun fact, it’s all inspired by our favourite Tollywood stars.

In order to achieve whatever you dream of, you need to keep pushing yourself ahead. Day after day, motivate yourself to hit the milestones that you have set for yourself. The best example of persistence is Jr NTR. His career graph is full of ups and downs. But the one thing that has been consistent is his persistence to be better than before and to deliver a spectacular performance. All of his contemporaries consider him to be way ahead of themselves. That itself says a lot, doesn’t it?

2. Stay fit like Rakulpreet

With the growing levels of stress, anxiety and various pressures, the one thing we cannot neglect is our health. It doesn’t matter how much junk you ate all these years, this year dedicate some time to take care of yourself. Tollywood’s diva, Rakulpreet is the go-to person every time you need motivation. The lady is known to take out at least one hour of the day and de-stress herself by indulging in some form of exercise. Yoga, weight-training, aerobics, aerial yoga, or something. Take your pick, and get started!

3. Stay aware like Vijay Deverakonda

With the rise of social media, everyone has something to say about everything. In such a time, it is of utmost importance to develop your own sensibilities and be responsible. Tollywood’s hottest property, Vijay Deverakonda, has proved on numerous occasions that people need to come out and talk about more pressing issues than wasting precious time. As they say, “stay woke!”

4. Stay glam like Pooja Hegde

Most people would agree that putting on their best outfit helps them feel more confident, and empowered. In 2020, ditch the comfortable PJs, if you have to. And opt for something that channels the inner boss in you. For all your fashion inspiration, just take a look at the gorgeous Pooja Hegde. She’s got a solution for every style-related problem. Stay glam and don’t give a damn!

5. Stay motivated like Allu Arjun

Actor Allu Arjun is known to be the powerhouse on the sets. He isn’t just the leading man on-screen, he leads the film entirely too. No matter what the task is, this man is motivated enough to handle it all. Most of us underestimate the power of self-motivation. But that’s one thing you should definitely try in 2020. After all, no one will cheer for you more than yourself. Cheer louder, because you got this!

Make 2020 your year by putting yourself before the rest. Our favourite actors and stars will always be here to motivate us. Find more motivation here, and stay tuned for the latest updates. Don’t forget to watch the best of 2019 on ZEE5.

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