Rekka Review: Vijay Sethupathi And Lakshmi Menon’s Film Is Enjoyable Thanks To Their Act

if you are a Vijay Sethupathi fan and if you want to have that edge-of-the-seat action thriller experience, Rekka is a must watch for you.

May 17, 2019


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Rekka, streaming on ZEE5, is something which should be on your top list to watch if you are a Vijay Sethupathi fan and if you want to have that edge-of-the-seat action thriller experience. In the film, the superstar is seen playing the character of Siva, who is a young man whose moral responsibility disallows him to remain quiet against the injustice that happens around him. But what he is famous for is for being that person who helps couples get together when they face opposition from their families. This habit of his has been explored from the perspective of strong flashback.

Watch Rekka to witness the action-packed performance of Vijay Sethupathi.

The way Vijay has handled this character with correct measures of heroism and emotional quotient is worth a round of applause.  Given the fact that Vijay rarely plays the part of playing a mass action hero but somehow he has managed to give a different angle to this whole scenario which is a deviation from the normal. It should be also noted that the makers of the film have very sensibly created situations which adds sensible developments to the plot rather than just keeping it for the highlight of the actor.

Vijay and Lakshmi
A still from Rekka

Now, in the story, we see that Siva’s habit leads him into trouble from which he has to find out a way to save his family. This here forms the crux of the story. The actress cast opposite Vijay is Lakshmi Menon, who plays the part of Bharati. She does a great job of adding charm to the story. With some fast-paced action sequences that contribute to the overall sensibility of the story.

In short, this movie which follows certain traditions of a mass hero film has tried its best to change the common notions and has achieved it to a great extent. This and the comedy sequences contributed by actors like Lakshmi and Sathish make this movie a must watch. So, do not delay any further but add Rekka to your wishlist and watch it today itself.

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