REJCTX Episode 3-6 Roundup: Kubbra Sait Is A Real Surprise In This ZEE5 Original Series

You may recall Kubbra as Cuckoo from Sacred Games but in REJCTX she unveils the side of her you are yet to see. Aarav and co. have a lot to reveal!

Aayushi Sharma

August 9, 2019


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What’s really striking about ZEE5 Original musical web series REJCTX is that Goldie Behl tells a tale that seems absolutely real, raw and relatable. He put forth a cast of fresh youngsters to play Indian students in a Singapore school. Sumeet Vyas and Kubbra Sait were added to bring credibility, as Goldie earlier told us. The first two episodes are a sneak peek into the story of misfits, who each come with their own baggage. They are talented and top-notch but always rejected and replaced. Episode three and four walk us through the differences this very bunch shared before they got together to form a music band REJCTX. By the time you hit the stop button after episode six ends, you are assured to be blown away by the can of worms opened. Let’s take a deeper dive into the story so far.

Meanwhile, catch the trailer of episode three and four here:

After Kiara, Sehmat, and Misha catch Parnomitra and Steve together, Kiara comes up with a plan. She copies the data on Parno’s phone and syncs it in a way to receive all the updates on the former’s phone. In a blast from the past, Parnomitra insults the girls which irk Kiara. Meanwhile, Aarav and Maddy fight for a place on the basketball team. Later, when Aarav sees Anushka making out with her coach, he gets furious and vents out his anger in the form of rap and records it.

The next episode leads to Maddy finding a porn clip featuring his mother, leaving him disturbed of course. Maddy gets into a fight with Aarav after he finds out the clip came from his computer. Later, Harry and Kiara encourage Aarav to take part in an underground rap battle but he fails miserably. Sehmat and Misha have a sexual encounter, which the latter doesn’t recollect. With Steve’s help, Kiara finds out about Sehmat’s secret which she had told Aarav. Sehmat confides in Kiara about her sexual orientation. An incident from the past reveals how Aarav finds a great song written by Sehmat and how his performance turns into a hit. This gives him the confidence to build a band called RejctX.

A still from REJCTX show
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Harry meets Aarav, who has been kidnapped and goes missing, we see in the sixth episode. A peek into the past reveals the RejctX decide to participate in a competition and escape trouble when Hussain lands up at the competition and almost uncovers the identity of the band’s members. Later, Kiara and Aarav have a heartfelt discussion and resolve their differences. Without giving away the spoiler, we’d recommend you watch episode six till the very end. We finally know who is behind Aarav going missing, at least that’s what it seems

Watch the episodes and let us know what you think of the web series in the comments box below.

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