Reflecting On The Lockdown: Here Are Some Musings From Family Album Actor Riya Sen


May 19, 2020


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Less Consumption


As the Coronavirus continues its rapid spread, we have been forced to stay indoors thanks to the nationwide lockdown that has been imposed. It must be said that the situation has also forced us to learn some valuable lessons and see benefits that we would otherwise have no particular inclination towards! Just ask Riya Sen, the ravishing actor who played a role in the Bengali movie Family Album.  We got you the insights which she has shared on her social media page, right here.

Instead of shopping for things she doesn’t need, Riya has been forced to buy less stuff, something that she wouldn’t have done without the lockdown! She now sees that curbing this old habit is a blessing, and appreciates the change. Watch Riya in Family Album right here:


Reduced Global Footprint


Riya says that she would have been travelling incessantly had it not been for the pandemic. Now, she can only stay at home and be grateful for it. It is better for our planet if we do not drive up our ecological footprint needlessly, and this is benefit is a direct offshoot of the travel restrictions placed on us right now.

More Sleep


Forced to stay at home, Riya does not have the option of working or partying excessively. This only means that she has been able to get adequate sleep which is essential for our health and well-being. Indeed, sleep is valuable for all living beings, and compromising on this can have egregious effects on our functioning!

Proper Nutrition


Eating home-cooked meals has given Riya the proper nutrition that she needs to maintain good health and immunity. She feels better and much more nourished than if this weren’t the case! Eating a healthy diet is essential to our well-being too.

Enough Exercise


Staying at home has given Riya more time than usual to invest in working out and getting plenty of exercise. Exercise is integral to our health and fitness, and just what we need to combat the blues and strengthen our immunity – something that is crucial to do during our battle with the novel Coronavirus.

A Better Philosophy


The pandemic has taught Riya to focus more on preservation rather than unnecessary consumption, and her mantra is now to cherish the deeper meaning of life. As she says, “Wealth has taken on a new meaning for me – it’s measured by what makes me intrinsically happy and fulfilled without the driving force of materialism.” That is a wise thought indeed, and a better philosophy to adopt for our own purpose and happiness. What a spiritual awakening!

Which of these musings by Riya appeals to you the most? Let us know with a comment in the section below.

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