Recovered COVID-19 Patients Continue To Face Health Issues

Headache, breathlessness, vomiting and anxiety are some of the common issues faced by patients who have recovered from Coronavirus

Raghav N

September 3, 2020

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As India recorded 83000 cases, the highest number of infections in a single day yesterday, there is fresh trouble brewing with recovered patients facing the wrath of the post-COVID19 effect.

Headache, weakness and breathlessness are some of the common complaints of those who have fought Coronavirus successfully. The lungs of these people seem to be affected on a long-term basis in many instances. According to data, 60% deaths from the infection occurred due to irreversible damage to the lungs of the deceased.

A research in Wuhan has revealed that 90 out of 100 recovered patients have had some adverse effect on their lungs, post their testing negative. In India too, the central respiratory organ of the recovered corona patients remains weaker, compared to an individual who has not been a victim of the virus.

Recently in Chicago, a 28-year-old COVID19 patient went through a lung transplant after they were completely destroyed due to the infection.

The Indian Government has been forced to open post-covid care centres, after receiving numerous grievances from people of trouble even after recovery from the novel virus. Men as young as 26 years are back in hospital with issues of anxiety, vomiting, headache, burning sensation in the body and fever. Doctors are also talking about the long-term psychological ill-effects of the pandemic on the recovered patients.

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