Rebel Wilson shares the great news of feeling ‘So lucky, so grateful’

Rebel Wilson took to Instagram and shared the great news of feeling ‘So lucky, so grateful’



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The 41-year- old Pitch Perfect star, Rebel Wilson is in the best phase of her life. After spending years ignoring her health, the actress made the year 2020 of action and the results are impeccable. Embracing herself in a series of photos donning a navy blue blazer, she captioned the pictures, “had some great news today. I feel like when you give out to the universe, the universe gives back to you so lucky, so grateful”.

She wrapped up the post with grateful emoji. The post received millions of likes and her fans took the opportunity to flood the comment section filling it with optimistic reflections. Followers adored her vibrant photoshoot alongside her positive caption. Some of the users expressed their notions about the fitness goal. One wrote that “it looks like you reached your weight goal!!! Get it, girl! #snatched”. While another added, “you deserve it all”.

On Instagram, once she had shared a photo of herself playing tennis, where she initiated her fitness journey. Now, she has almost completed her path and is celebrating a new milestone which is “year of health”. She clarified that her diet and fitness journey was ”not about a weight number, it’s about being healthy”.

She captioned, “I know that I normally post flattering photos of myself… but found this old photo in my emails and was like: Whoa,” Wilson captioned the post. “I remember this was when I was at my unhealthiest — being overweight and indulging way too much with junk food. Using food to numb my emotions. My father passed away from a heart attack and it was such a sad time. I didn’t think highly of myself and wasn’t valuing myself how I should have. Interestingly, I’m still smiling and still trying to be active… despite being in so much pain.”

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Wilson also shared that she is expecting to become a mom, and her doctor said her fertility journey could go placidly which means as flat as a pancake if she devoted herself to getting in shape.

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