Reasons Why Birthday Boy Emraan Hashmi’s Tigers Should Be On Your Watch List 

With some heart-breaking real footage, Tigers is a movie that keeps you engaged.

Ashutosh Oak

March 23, 2019


3 min


Though you won’t get an idea about what Tigers is all about from the name, the subtitle ‘Can A Salesman Be A Hero’ reveals it all. Oscar-winning filmmaker Danis Tanovic’s latest offering, featuring Emraan Hashmi, Gitanjali Thapa, Adil Hussain, Supriya Pathak, Vinod Nagpal, Satyadeep Mishra is something you shouldn’t miss. The film is based on a real incident in Pakistan. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014. The makers of the film had to overcome a lot of hurdles, as the MNC that was in the spotlight in the film tried their best to create roadblocks for the film’s release.

Well, that’s history now as the film is now streaming on ZEE5, and like me, you too can watch it below:

If you aren’t convinced to watch it, then take a look at my reasons why you shouldn’t miss Tigers…

Realistic story
This is no ordinary movie which you’ll watch, but it’s something that exposes the dark secrets of big corporate giants. While the story is indeed heart-breaking, it will also be an eye-opener for many.

Emraan Hashmi
The actor delivers a knockout performance in this drama. Watching this film made me realise how much I miss watching the actor on the big screen. I hope to see him doing films more often than he does at this point.

Documentary style storytelling
To make the film more relatable and authentic, the makers have used some of the real footage to evoke empathy. Have a look at the trailer.

Human touch
The movie doesn’t seem like just another drama. Every scene is raw and therefore convincing. There is a scene where Ayan (played by Emraan) agrees to settle the matter by accepting the offer which reflects the common man’s plight in a very real way.

If you’ve already watched Tigers, then do let us know how you liked it in the comments section below. For fans of Emraan Hashmi, ZEE5 has more movies in store for you!

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