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Reasons Why Arya Is The Best Son-In-Law Pushpa And Subbu Can Have


October 25, 2020

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Check out how Arya has been the perfect figure of a son to Subbu and Pushpa

Arya is surely just the kind of son that every set of parents would want to have. While he is the perfect son to Sharada Devi, he has also become a caring and sensitive son-figure to Subbu and Pushpa. Recently in Jothe Jotheyali, we see that Arya gets tense and decides to go to Anu’s house to see Subbu the moment he discovers that Mansi hit him while she was driving. As Anu and Arya have confessed their feelings for each other, he has begun to make an attempt to be there for her parents as much as he can.

From the very start, we see that Arya has helped Anu and her parents in whichever way possible. From understanding the fact that Anu has potential in her career and employing her into his firm, he has helped them indirectly in improving their standards of living while also looking after their daughter at his workplace. He has constantly kept in touch with them and has even gone to the extent of letting them entertain him for meals. He has understood that meeting a well-known business tycoon like himself is a big deal for them and even if he has had a very tight schedule, he has made time for them.

Arya and Subbu

Arya has always been polite and sensitive towards them. He has been nothing less of a son which we see when he organises a physiotherapist for Subbu to see. Subbu and Pushpa, too, have found Arya to be very reliable and have asked him for help for different things multiple times.

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