Ratris Khel Chale 3: Four Characters Or The ‘Chandal Chaukadi’ As Referred By Indu Who Can Create Problems For The Naik Family!

While Abhiram is trying his best to reunite the family, there are few people wanting to create problems for the Naiks. Take a look at this ‘Chandal Chaukadi’ who are ready to pounce upon the Naiks.

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April 3, 2021



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There are several reasons that justify our fascination with horror stories. Everyone needs a break from the typical and populated romance or family dramas on TV. Or maybe they just need more fictional horror to overcome the tragedies and horrors of reality. Whatever the reason may be, horror tales are everyone’s favourite even if the genre has seen a fall on the small screens. However, Zee Marathi’s Ratris Khel Chale has fulfilled our cravings for a good and intriguing horror story.

The first two seasons of Ratris Khel Chale left the audience screaming, wanting for more. And now the threequel also seems to be a promising continuation of this horror saga. The third season shows the Naik family dealing with the aftermath of Anna Naik’s sudden demise. The only hope of the Naik clan Abhiram is trying his best to reunite the family while there are few people ready to pounce upon the Naiks, creating problems for them.

Indumati aka Maai refers to them as the ‘Chandal Chaukadi’. And they are none other than the close-knit friends or family of the Naik clan.

So, here’s taking a look at these 4 characters who might create problems for the Naiks.

Sushma ‘The Tragic Past’

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Sushma has always been a trouble for the Naiks and she has some justifiable reasons behind the same. After her mother Shevanta’s death, she shifted to the Naik house to claim her share in the ancestral lands. And in the second season, we saw her tragic childhood where she dealt with the trauma of her mother’s illicit affair with Anna Naik. 

And now in the threequel, she’s back again with a vengeance. She will definitely create problems for the Naik family and Indu is sure about it.

Raghu Kaka ‘The Saintly Evil’

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Raghu Kaka has always duped the innocent villagers with his superstitious antics. Being a partner in crime to Anna Naik, he indirectly had a hold over the town. Also, he took advantage of Anna Naik’s friendship and had duped him with the help of lawyer Nene. 

In the threequel, he is shown living in an ashram and has now become a renowned saint. With Abhiram’s return, he will definitely get back to the Naik house, forging some plans.

Sarita ‘Not An Ideal Sunbai’

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The most unexpected twist in the third season is Sarita’s character. In the first and second seasons, she was seen as a doting daughter-in-law to the Naiks. She took care of the family and shared a great bond with Indumati.

However, tables have turned now. Sarita is no more the dutiful and responsible family woman. In the recent episode, we saw her approaching Sushma to help her in troubling the Naiks.

Chhaya ‘The Revenge Seeker’

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Chhaya too is bound with the tragedies of life. Being the daughter of Anna Naik, she was as bossy as her father. However, her failed marriages ruined her life. After which Chhaya decided to marry Raghu Kaka. Now she lives with him in his ashram and people call her Chhaya Maa. Recently, when Abhiram urged her to return to the house, she got furious and held everyone responsible for her tragic life.

She might seek revenge from the Naik family and that’s something Indu is worried about.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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