Ratris Khel Chale 3: Five Reasons That Justify Shevanta’s Return As A Wandering Spirit!

Shevanta’s character from Ratris Khel Chale 3 has become a tenant of television fears. Here’s what she might be aiming at with her haunting return!

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April 13, 2021



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The subconscious mind mysteriously becomes home to our terrifying past experiences. And you might realize it while recalling the spooky fictional characters from books or from your favourite TV shows. Unfortunately, television has not treated us with many intriguing horror shows that could’ve possibly made us root for its scary characters. However, the new change on the small screens has introduced us to many exciting horror shows and characters. Zee Marathi’s Ratris Khel Chale is one of those shows that blends a gripping storyline with interesting characters.

And Shevanta is one of those well-written characters from the show that has become a favourite of the fans. However, in the threequel, Shevanta’s character has become a tenant of television fears. With her return as a wandering spirit, Ratris Khel Chale 3 has taken an interesting turn keeping the audience engaged to their screens. Shevanta’s haunting personality has become the soul of the show and the viewers are eager for the unveiling horrors ahead.

So, here’s taking a look at 5 reasons that justify Shevanta’s return as a wandering spirit.

Obsession With The Wada

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Ever since her love affair with Anna Naik, Shevanta has been fascinated with the Naik wada. Also, in the second season, many times we saw Shevanta urging Anna to take her to the wada permanently. However, Anna kept his affair a secret while also keeping Shevanta off the house limits. And over time, Shevanta’s obsession with the wada grew and she also ended up dying near the mansion.

Her return in the threequel might have changed a lot of things but Shevanta’s obsession for the Naik wada remains constant.

A Long-Awaited Revenge

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Shevanta’s tragic death was one of the most emotional moments of Ratris Khel Chale. Though she tried a lot to escape from the village, Anna Naik and his crime partners restricted her from doing so. Also, amid her love affair with Anna, her innocent husband too lost his life. And the major culprits behind her problems i.e., Raghu Kaka and Nene lawyer are living a happy life.

So, seeking revenge might be another reason for Shevanta’s return. While she has already created problems for Raghu, it remains to be seen what she comes up with ahead.

Alerting Sushma

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Shevanta sacrificed her life for the better future of her daughter Sushma. However, driven by her past tragedies, Sushma became the most unpredictable persona on the show. While her devious mind has always created problems for the Naiks, there’s also an empathetic side of hers. And Shevanta’s return might also aim at guiding Sushma on the right path again. 

In the recent episode, we saw Shevanta making Sushma realize her values. There are chances that we might see Shevanta making Sushma realize her mistakes.

Unapologetic Love For Anna Naik

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Shevanta’s unapologetic love for Anna Naik can’t be overlooked. From giving up her married life to looking over her self-worth, Shevanta fell head over heels in love with Anna. And that amorous affair seems to be continuing even after their death! The wandering spirits of Anna and Shevanta have reunited at the Naik house. So, this romantic obsession for each other might be another reason for Anna and Shevanta’s return.

Making Naiks Confront The Reality!

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The Naiks have always blamed Shevanta for their troublesome lives. And they were quite correct on their part. However, Shevanta always tried her best to maintain good relations with the Naiks. Earlier, she even confronted Indumati to confess her mistakes but to no avail. The Naiks have always considered her as the vamp in their lives. And now Shevanta might be looking for an opportunity to prove them wrong.

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