Ratris Khel Chale 3: Five Interesting Subplots That’ll Be Unfolding Soon, Leaving Us Intrigued!

While the chaos in the Naik family seems to be endless, their enemies are all set to pounce upon them. Here are few story arcs that will bring in ample drama ahead in the show.

Audiences have always shared an exquisite relationship with horror movies and shows. While they love to be thrilled by scary stories, they are keen on welcoming new and conceptual dramas. However, the big screens have failed drastically in delivering promising horror flicks. Ultimately, the viewers have turned towards television to fulfill their horror cravings and they are highly impressed! Zee Marathi’s Ratris Khel Chale is one such show that has become a favourite of the masses. 

The story of Ratris Khel Chale follows the journey of Naik family in different time periods. The first two seasons of the show were widely appreciated. Also, now the threequel is winning hearts with an exciting continuation. The makers have kept the viewers hooked with interesting and noteworthy plotlines. Contrary to the first two seasons, the character equations have witnessed a great change. Eventually, Ratris Khel Chale 3 has followed its predecessors to be the epic horror show on the small screen.

The recent happenings on the show have brought the drama to a peak. While the chaos in the Naik family seems to be endless, their enemies are all set to pounce upon them. So, here’s taking a look at 5 subplots that’ll be unfolding soon leaving us highly intrigued.

Datta’s Wada Deal

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Datta has secretly planned to sell the wada. While Sarita is quite happy with the news, this deal might create more problems for the family. Recently, we saw Indumati urging Abhiram to not sell the mansion as she has some great memories bounding the house. Also, she wishes to breathe her last in the wada itself. This got Abhiram emotional and hence he called off his idea. However, Datta’s secret will create problems between the familial relationships.

If looked upon the other way, it can also save the Naiks from Sushma’s trap. She wants to own the wada however, Datta’s deal might foil her plans.

Sarita & Chhaya Eyeing Kaveri

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Though Kaveri and Sayaji’s absurd affair came to light in front of Abhiram, he’s aware that Kaveri is involved in it due to the mysterious happenings at the wada. While he’s worried about Kaveri’s state of mind, Chhaya and Sarita are keeping a close eye on her. They want to defame Kaveri in front of the village.

However, it would be interesting to see Shevanta taking the matter into her hands. She might create problems for Chhaya and Sarita. Earlier, she did the same when Sarita tried to insult Kaveri. Now, it would be great to see Shevanta’s avatar being disclosed to Chhaya.

Sushma-Sayaji-Salgaonkar Teaming Up!

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Amidst all the frenzy in the Naik house, Sushma is ready to weave her master plan. Getting along with Sayaji and Salgaonkar, she is trying to get her to hold over the Naik mansion. Cunning Salgaonkar has already begun his act by misleading Abhiram. Ahead in the story, we will see Sayaji making a return in the house.

Nothing more has been revealed about their plan but in the coming week, we’ll see the outcome. And it has got the viewers excited.

Raghu Kaka’s Phony Acts

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Even after facing the wrath of Shevanta, Raghu Kaka has not given up on his gimmicks. Recently, on Sushma’s insistence, he made Sayaji confined to his house. Also, he is now forging a hypnotic spell for Kaveri. Raghu is not giving up on his acts as he desperately wants his share from the Naik wada. Earlier, he had duped Anna Naik many times, misusing their friendship.

Ahead in the story, we might see Anna Naik’s wandering spirit seeking his revenge against Raghu Kaka.

Abhiram Leaving The Village

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After a series of strange incidents, Abhiram is reconsidering his stay in the village. Also, Kaveri’s anxious state has got him worried. He also called off his idea of selling the house. Unable to reunite his family, Abhiram is quite upset. Though he has planned to leave the house, he might not do so.

However, it would be an exciting watch to see Abhiram going against all odds. This time, he’s a lone fighter. His loving brother Madhav is mentally ill and Datta has turned up against him. Abhiram will have to stand alone to revive the aura of the Naik family.

So, some interesting story arcs will be unfolding soon.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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