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Ratris Khel Chale 2 Promo: Shevanta Takes A Fearsome Avatar To Punish Anna!

Kedar Koli

July 30, 2020

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In the latest promo, we see Shevanta announcing that she’s going to expose Anna’s sinister acts before everyone. What does she do? Find out inside!

Ratris Khel Chale 2 is a horror drama that is a prequel to Zee Marathi‘s popular show Ratris Khel Chale. The show is based on the spooky experiences that take place in the life of Anna Naik (Madhav Abhyankar) and his family living in the mysterious Naik Wada. Apart from the ghostly happenings, the story is also about Anna’s extramarital affair with Shevanta (Apurva Nemlekar). It’s a known fact that Anna is after Shevanta and wants to keep her close to his heart. On the other hand, Anna’s family doesn’t approve of their relationship and has humiliated Shevanta on numerous occasions. Shevanta is on the hunt for blood since then and wants to teach Anna and his family a lesson. Now that she’s married to Anna, Shevanta has gotten one step closer to fulfilling her thirst for revenge.

Watch the latest episode of the show here.

Shevanta was desperate to announce her marriage with Anna before his family and stormed her way to the Naik Wada. Anna’s family was shocked to learn about the strange turn of events that led to the marriage. Shevanta then tried to make Anna accept in the presence of his family that he’s married to her. However, Anna didn’t stay true to his promise and refused to accept Shevanta as his wife. Shevanta was left with no other option but to gather evidence and prove her marriage legal. She asked Chontya to speak on her behalf in front of the police. Before Chontya could confess, Anna murdered him. Chontya met with a brutal end as he was buried alive by Anna who planted a sapling on top of his grave, thus completing his trademark style of murder. How will Shevanta be able to expose Anna now that Chontya is dead? We’re excited to see what she does in the upcoming episodes.

Here’s a sneak peek from the next episode exclusively for you.

In the latest promo, we see Nene asking Anna where Patankar Bai aka Shevanta is. Anna reveals that he has thrown Shevanta out of the house. Nene is worried where Shevanta would go but Anna doesn’t seem to care about it. Later, Shevanta confesses before Nene that she can’t take it anymore and would make sure that Anna is hanged. Nene asks her what she’s planning to do. To this, Shevanta replies that she’s going to expose Anna’s sinister acts. She then gets ready to punish Anna by dressing up in a fearsome avatar.

What drama is about to unfold next? You’ll have to stay tuned for it!

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