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Raqesh Bapat Opens Up About Ex-wife Ridhi Dogra Being Bothered About Kashmera Shah Calling Him A ‘Henpecked Husband’ On Digital Reality Show


September 29, 2021

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Raqesh Bapat reveals to a leading publication about his conversation post the digital reality show with ex-wife Ridhi Dogra and mentioned how she was bothered about him being called a ‘henpecked husband’ by co-contestant Kashmera. Raqesh Bapat is currently dating Shamita Shetty

Raqesh Bapat had made headlines with his performance in a leading reality show and garnered huge fan following for himself. Recently, the actor opened up about his conversation with his ex-wife Ridhi Dogra to a leading publication and revealed his journey in detail throughout the show.

Raqesh Bapat’s ex-wife Ridhi Dogra had rooted for him throughout the show. She also defended him while he was inside the show. He revealed some shocking revelations about Kashmera Shah, who felt that he never took a stand for Shamita Shetty, Raqesh’s love interest since the show had began.

In an interview post the show to a leading publication, Raqesh has opened up about his ex-wife’s support and revealed that she was bothered about him being called a ‘henpecked husband’.

The actor had spoken to her after coming out of the house. He revealed that she is not in India, she’s in abroad and she liked the way Raqesh Bapat played in the show throughout. He added how ex-wife Ridhi Dogra was worried how he was dealing with things and Nishant Bhat (co-contestant) too. As they had spent a lot of time together.

Raqesh Bapat talked about Kashmera’s ‘henpecked husband’ remark and said, “She was just bothered about me being called henpecked. She also reacted against it. Ridhi told me that you as a person can never be henpecked and it’s just that you care a lot about people who you like and that’s why you are that way. She also said to me that when you feel for a person, you would never react to that person in an angry way,” he added.

Raqesh and Ridhi had tied the knot in 2011 and announced their seperation in 2019.


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