Ranveer Singh Talks About His Struggling Days As An Actor

Ranveer Singh talks about how difficult was it to bag a role in the film industry for him as an outsider.

Isha Khatu

January 5, 2021

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Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has gained huge success in the past few years. Along with his acting and dancing skills, he is also known for his down to earth behaviour towards everybody. He spoke to NEWS-J Hindi about his struggle getting into the film industry. Read further to know the backstory of the brilliant actor.

Ranveer Singh talks about his struggles entering the film industry

Unlike several actors who are star kids and entered Bollywood through nepotism, Ranveer Singh had to make it on his own. The actor had no support from anyone in the industry when he wanted to become an actor. Ranveer said that everyone in India who works in Bollywood is called Hero and not an actor. Ranveer dreamt of being one too but did not know how to pursue this career. He added that as an outsider it was impossible for him to get into the industry in those days. He shared that often people who have connections easily get film offers.

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At the age of 15, Ranveer thought he could never make it there and decided to complete his education in advertising. He decided to become a copywriter and thus went to America to complete the advertising course. In the second year, he decided to take up acting as a subject. In his classroom, his professor asked him to show his skills to everyone. Ranveer added that he was pretty confused and did not know what to do. He then recited a monologue in Hindi which nobody could understand in his classroom. However, he did the acting with so much intensity and passion that everyone in the room were shook and appreciated him.

He said,” When I saw that I can evoke an emotion in people’s hearts and entertain the audience, I felt the rush inside me” He mentioned that he sat back on his seat and rethought about his decision of becoming a copywriter. He thought that he could become an actor if he tried. He said that he could accept failing but not accept not trying and thus called up his father. He informed his father that he wanted to become an actor and would do anything to do so. His father agreed on a condition. He asked Ranveer to complete his education and then do whatever he wishes to.

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Ranveer eventually got done with his graduation and came to pursue acting. He had no idea how to enter the industry. He thought that he should start doing a job that would lead him to a film set. So he looked at all the people on a set and all the technicians who worked there. But all he could focus on was the actor’s seat in a corner. He started assisting a lot of people on the set and did small jobs like bringing tea for the actor. At one point in time, he realised that this was going nowhere and decided to make a calling card. He made his own portfolio from his father’s friend’s printing press. He even stole numbers of filmmakers from people’s phone and went from one audition to another. Eventually, he bagged his first role in Band Baaja Baarat which changed his life completely.

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