Ranveer Singh Reveals What Made Him Choose TV Reality Show ‘The Big Picture’

Amid the numerous games shows and quiz shows coming up, Ranveer Singh’s The Big Picture is a new one coming up. He opens up about why he decided to pick this one up and not any other


October 13, 2021

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With tangible anticipation for the new quiz show ‘The Big Picture,’ presenter Ranveer Singh has put on his game face! The dashing celebrity is getting ready to embark on his television career, having just hosted the stunning premiere of this show. Ranveer made a number of startling announcements on this occasion, making everyone even more enthusiastic for this next endeavor. The moment he confessed that he had previously been offered various quiz programmes took everyone off a surprise.

It’s no wonder that Ranveer Singh is in great demand after 10 years of hard work and a string of superb acting performances. Ranveer not only revealed his prior TV offers on this occasion, but he also explained why he chose ‘The Big Picture.’ He stated that for the previous six years, he has been getting proposals for various quiz formats, but most of them weren’t that intriguing. The unpredictability of ‘The Big Picture’ format is really intriguing. When this chance arose, he couldn’t wait to jump on board.

He went on to say that we humans live in a visual age, and everyone is exposed to pictures on a regular basis. ‘The Big Picture’ is a visual-based quiz show, which distinguishes it from the others. Ranveer has been captivated with quiz shows since he was a youngster, and it’s exciting to know that he is now presenting one. In response to a question about his willingness to host, he stated that he feels that TV is considerably more difficult than cinema since there is more time for preparation in film. However, with television, actors must work at a far faster speed, and the pressure to perform is enormous. He has learned a lot from television and realized it has limitless possibilities.

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Ranveer seems to believe wholeheartedly in ‘The Big Picture’! This endeavor promises to be unlike any other, thanks to the show’s distinctive visual idea and Ranveer’s contagious enthusiasm. Prepare your finest frames, for ‘The Big Picture’ is going to make some wonderful memories!

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