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Ranveer Singh Reveals About How Deepika Padukone Has To Put Of With His Different Personalities; Says It Changes With Every Character – HERE’S WHY


December 30, 2021

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Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are some of the most celebrated couples in Bollywood. Recently the actor spoke about his film, and how his wife reacts to him playing different characters

Ranveer Singh is now making news thanks to the success of his film 83. The film, directed by Kabir Khan, has received positive reviews and is well-liked by audiences. In this interview with a national daily, he throws a major bombshell by revealing that his spouse Deepika Padukone considers him differently every six months. He claims to be someone who digs deep within his personality to grow it.

With each new character, he takes on, his entire energy shifts. Deepika Padukone, his wife, is quite tolerant of him. She does adorably lament the fact that she only sees a potential human being every 6-8 months. He teases her behind her back, saying that diversity is the best way to live at the very best, at least, she isn’t weary of the same type of person.

She has access to a specific essence of his personality. As he transitions into new identities, he peels out multiple components, yet she understands. Everything about him changes, his nutrition, body posture, demeanour, and behaviors. He has a sense of who he is at times, and he is still discovering it.

Some skills may appear to be competitors externally, but that is what the industry has portrayed them as in the past. He’s witnessed the same folks express their deep gratitude to him, and he feels the same way about them.

He described his experience and reaction to his film as “very surreal.” Kabir deserves credit for this. He is an in-depth filmmaker. He chose to film the Tunbridge Wells sequences at Tunbridge, using the exact stadium and ground. In his cameo role, Kapil was in the stadium.

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It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He was in sobs as he watched him at the screening. The film, which revolves around the 1983 World Cup, was released in theatres on December 25th. Kapil Dev was played by Ranveer Singh, and Romi Bhatia was played by Deepika Padukone.

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