Ranjan Gogoi Was The Worst CJI India Ever Had, Says Prashant Bhushan

In Editorial with Sujit Nair, he decoded the statement of advocate Prashant Bhushan about Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi.

Jessica David

September 9, 2020

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Supreme Court public interest lawyer Prashant Bhushan alleged Justice Ranjan Gogoi to be the worst Chief Justice of India in the history of the country. Many complainants have attested the statement made by him. The strong condemnation was decoded on the show Editorial with Sujit Nair. A grieved anonymous wrote, “Justice is not done according to the majoritarian view. In Pakistan, the majoritarian view supports the death penalty for blasphemy towards Islam. That’s inhumane and communal. That’s what majoritarian views can do. They can kill reason.”

They further added, “This debate needs to be settled outside the court. The parties need to come to a consensus to avoid any riots. Ranjan Gogoi or any other Justice in his right senses would want the parties to come to a consensus owing to the polarising nature of the case. By delaying the hearing the Court has literally thrown the ball in the government’s court. Irrespective of whether the government wants to build Ram Temple or not, they should first ensure that riots don’t happen because of that. And the best way to ensure that is the government acting as a mediator and facilitating meaningful dialogue between the parties.”

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