Rani Rashmoni: Here’s what may happen if Padma and her husband stand against Mathur and Jagadamba

With Padma and Ramchandra planning to fight against Jagadamba and Mathur, here is what might happen next in the show.

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April 25, 2021


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Zee Bangla’s popular serial Rani Rashmoni stars Ditipriya Roy as Rani Rashmoni, Gourab Chatterjee as Mathuramohan Biswas and Sourav Saha as Gadadhar in the lead roles. In the recent episode, we see that Padma and her husband, Ram Chandra decide to stand up against Mathuramohan and Jagadamba and take their share in Rani Maa’s property. They also talk to their son Ganesh about it and ask him to stand up for his father and support him if there is ever a fight between him and Mathurbabu. With Padma and Ramchandra getting ready for the same fight, here’s what may happen next in the show.

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Padma and Ramchandra might try to frame Mathur for a crime

In the past episodes of Rani Rashmoni, we have seen that Padma has taken drastic steps to achieve her desires in any situation. This time too she might do the same and try to frame Mathurbabu for a crime he never committed. She and her husband may decide to frame him and get hold of Rani Maa’s properties.

Mathur and Ramchandra in Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

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Padma and Ramchandra might provoke Rani ma against Mathur

Padma and Ramchandra have always been quite jealous of Jagadamba and Mathur because Rani Maa has always listened to their advice and has given them a lot of importance. They might take this opportunity and try to provoke Rani Maa against them. They may even lie about events so that they can show Mathur in a bad light thereby excluding him from the property.

Padma, Ramchandra and Rani Maa in Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

Ganesh might stand up for Mathur

Ganesh has always admired Mathur and has followed his footsteps when he got back with his family. Ganesh has always had a very just and practical approach to difficult situations, so he may not listen to his parents and take Mathur’s side when Ramchandra and Mathur have a quarrel. He may even reveal his parents’ plan of taking all the wealth for themselves and save Mathur from getting framed.

Ganesh in Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

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Rani Maa might find out about Padma’s plan 

Rani Maa has always showcased a practical and intelligent side of hers whenever there have been clashes of opinion in the Mard family. This time too, Rani Maa might exercise her intelligence and her presence of mind to decipher the plan plotted by Padma and Ramchandra. She might instruct her men to investigate the situation in secrecy and ultimately find out about Padma’s plan to take all the wealth for herself.

Rani Maa in Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

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