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Rani Rashmoni 30 November, 2021 Written Update: Dwarika to build an Annapurna temple


December 2, 2021

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When Gadadhar fears that the poor won’t be fed on Mathur’s death anniversary, Jagadamba and Dwarika assure him that the `Kangali Bhojan’ will take place as usual. Kumudini joins Dwarika in feeding the poor and helps a man when he chokes on his food by patting his back and offering him water. Padma refuses to come for the function while Ramchandra feels people will sing Jagadamba and Dwarika’s praises after the Annapurna temple comes up. However, Ganesh supports Dwarika and doesn’t understand why his parents Ramchandra and Padma are creating a problem. Gadadhar tells them that the `bhit puja’ can be done after one day.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, Nagen comes to Kumudini’s school and tells her principal not to admit her as it’s against the norms of society. Jagadamba arrives and asks him to leave the school, or she will be forced to call her guards. While Nagen says he too has guards, Kumudini teaches him a lesson by singing a `Kheur’ song. In her song she makes it clear to him that women will no longer be slaves of men and will assert their own rightful place in society by educating themselves and standing on their own feet. Nagen and his men leave the school embarrassed and Jagadamba and her principal are impressed. At home too Kumudini receives praise from Kamala and Annada for standing up to Nagen. As a prize for her bravery, Kamala serves her the `luchi’ made by Dwarika. Kumudini is touched and embarrassed by Dwarika’s gesture. Later, Nagen tells Ramchandra that he will not forgive Kumudini for humiliating him. He tells Ramchandra to tell Dwarika that he will soon give a befitting reply to this insult.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, Hriday tells Gadadhar that Ramchandra doesn’t want Mathur’s death anniversary to be celebrated in a big way. And has decided to cancel the ‘kangali bhojan’ in which the poor people were served food.

Gadadhar gets very upset when he hears this and decides to go to Janbazzar and protest about it. When Hriday tries to stop him and says Gadadhar mustn’t fight with the owners, Sarada tells him to let him do whatever he wants to do. She asks Hriday not to worry as Ma Kali will get what is right done through him.

Later Gadadhar meets Jagadamba and Dwarika at the temple and confronts them about this. When Jagadamba and Dwarika assure him that the poor will be fed just like they were in earlier years, Gadadhar is relieved and pulls up Hriday for telling him otherwise.

Gadadhar then speaks of what Mathur had told him while sitting on the Kashi ghat. He tells Jagadamba that Mathur had wanted to build an Annapurna temple in her name, but his last wish has still not been fulfilled.

Jagadamba feels it will be built someday, but Dwarika says he will implement the project right away. He asks Gadadhar why he wasn’t told about this earlier. He decides to have the date for the foundation stone laying ceremony on the same day as his father’s death anniversary.

Meanwhile, Kumudini meets Sarada and tells her about how she and her friends sang a `Kheur’ song and taught Nagen and his men a lesson. Kumudini says she got the courage to do this as she remembered Sarada’s calm face. Sarada hopes her that she may never have to bow her head down before anyone. She tells Kumudini to always protest against injustice. Kumudini then tells Sarada that she will take up her studies and will not let Sarada off till she learns how to read and write.

The next day the `Kangali Bhojan’ is held in memory of Mathur. Gadadhar tells Kumudini how Mathur never differentiated between the rich and poor and says that Dwarika is just like him. Gadadhar tells her that after Rani, Mathur was the main pillar of the family and feels one day Dwarika will occupy the same place.

Kumudini sees Dwarika struggling to serve food to the poor and decides to help him. Dwarika is both surprised and happy to have her by his side. As Dwarika and Kumudini serve food together to the poor, Gadadhar prays to Ma Kali to bless them from above.

When Ganesh asks Annada why his mother Padma didn’t come. Annada tells him she has shut her door and is upset about the money being spent on the `Kangali Bhojan’ and the money that is proposed to be spent on the Annapurna temple. She tells him there was a big fight between Padma and Jagadamba and worries that once again there will be tension in the house. Ganesh tells Annada that he cannot understand how to deal with his parents who seem to object to everything and create problems unnecessarily.

When a man chokes on his food Kumudini helps him by patting his back and giving him water. Dwarika is moved by her gesture and everyone looks at her in awe. Only Ramchandra is very upset and feels Jagadamba and her family is stealing all the limelight. He feels once the Annapurna temple comes up, people will start comparing Jagadamba to Rani Rashmoni and everyone will sing praises of Dwarika.

However, Ganesh feels no ill will towards Dwarika and is glad the `Kangali Bhojan’ went off well and the poor left happy and satisfied. He asks Dwarika to fix up the date for the `Bhit Puja’ for the foundation stone laying ceremony. Dwarika says Gadadhar has told him he will decide the date after seeing the `Panjika’. Gadadhar says he has checked the `Panjika’ and feels it can be held after one day.

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