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Rani Rashmoni 27 October 2021 Written Update: Gadadhar assumes Ma Kali’s form


October 28, 2021

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Nagen comes with two eminent priests to Dakshineswar temple and asks them to issue a decree that no one will visit the temple unless Gadadhar is removed from the temple. They accuse Gadadhar of being a heretic and a fraud. When Dwarika comes to the temple to defend Gadadhar a fight breaks out between Nagen and Dwarika and Nagen decides to kill Dwarika with a sword while his guards hold him captive. Gadadhar prays to Ma Kali to stop the fight and she appears in his form. Seeing Gadadhar in Ma Kali’s form, Nyayratna falls at his feet and asks for forgiveness.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni Gadadhar’s mother fears that he may be attacked for doing Ma Durga’s Sandhi Puja wearing a saree. Sarada tells her not to worry as Ma Kali herself put vermillion on her head and assured her that nothing would happen to her husband. Later, Dwarika finds out that Nagen and his men were seen going towards Dakshineswar temple and decides to go there with Raghob leaving Ganesh to take care of the idol immersion at Janbazzar. Meanwhile, Nagen reaches the temple with two respected priests called Nyayratna and Darkaratna and asks them to issue a diktat that no one must be allowed into the temple unless Gadadhar is removed.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, when Gadadhar appears before the imminent priests dressed in normal clothes, they accuse Nagen of misleading them. But Gadadhar admits that he did wear a saree and did Maa Durga’s Sandhi Puja. He says he was trying to do `sadhana’ in the maternal form at that time.

However, Nagen accuses Dwarika of declaring Gadadhar as an avatar and running the temple like a money-making venture. Nagen, therefore, asks the two priests to ask for Gadadhar’s removal or issue an order to shut down the temple if Gadadhar isn’t removed.

When Nyayratna says that priests who committed such heresies were burnt alive in the olden days, Sarada who is watching from a distance gets worried about Gadadhar and starts praying.

As if in answer to her prayers, Dwarika comes there and dares Nagen. Dwarika asks Haran Thakur for the sword with which sacrifices are done to be brought as he plans to kill Nagen with it. Nagen calls for his guards and confines Dwarika and plans to kill him instead.

Even as Sarada screams out to them and asks them to stop fighting in the temple. Nyayratna blames Gadadhar’s heresies for giving rise to hate and anger. He ridicules Gadadhar’s devotion for Ma Kali. Gadadhar then gets angry and starts praying to Ma Kali and asks her to stop this fight and show mercy.

Gadadhar starts singing Ma Kali’s `mantra’ in the form of a hymn and as he sings the sword falls from Haran Thakur’s hand. Gadadhar goes into a trance while singing the devotional hymn and Nyayratna sees Gadadhar take the form of Ma Kali.

Nyayratna falls at Gadadhar’s feet and asks for his forgiveness for misjudging him. He tells the guards to leave Dwarika and Raghob and repents for his sins. He is ashamed for having doubted Gadadhar’s divinity. Sarada cannot believe the miracle that she witnessed.

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