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Rani Rashmoni 25 November, 2021 Written Update: Kumudini teaches Sarada to read and write


November 26, 2021

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Kumudini teaches Sarada to read and write and gets her Vidyasagar’s `Bornoporichoy’ alphabet book to read and a slate and chalk to practice writing the alphabets of the Bengali language. Sarada’s mother-in-law supports her but tells her to inform Gadadhar about it. Later, Sarada goes to meet Gadadhar at the temple and asks for his help in writing some of the alphabets. But Gadadhar tells her he can’t help her as he would avoid going to school. Sarada feels he is deliberately refusing to help her and leaves. Gadadhar wonders if he will now have to learn because of her and asks Ma Kali to help him get out of this situation. Next day, Kumudini gets ready to go to school. When Kumudini feels anxious about not knowing English and wonders how she will speak to her teachers or understand what they are saying, Jagadamba reassures her and says will soon get used to it.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, Jagadamba supports Dwarika’s decision to send Kumudini to school however, she tells him Kumudini cannot be forced to study. Dwarika then tells her that Kumudini fears it will harm him and is therefore reluctant. Jagadamba tells him to take her to Gadadhar so that her fears are dispelled. Gadadhar convinces Kumudini to go to school. Haran Thakur who overhears the conversation decides to tell Nagen about it. Later, Jagadamba speaks to Ramchandra and Padma about sending Kumudini to school but they feel it would bring dishonour to the family and don’t support her decision. Dwarika tells them how in the West women study alongside men and how their countries are progressing because of this. Jagadamba says given their status in society they should be the first ones to bring about a change in society. She plans to bring about this change starting with her own family.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, Kumudini gets Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar’s `Bornoporichoy’, a book of Bengali alphabets to Sarada’s house and tells her to keep her housework aside and learn how to read. She says she will teach her how to read and write and has got all the implements she will need including a slate and chalk.

Kumudini then makes the reluctant Sarada sit with her and learn the alphabets. She tells her to practice reading and writing and will come again the next day to teach her.

After Kumudini leaves, Sarada sits and tries to memorise the alphabets. Just then her mother-in-law comes and finds her reading and asks her about it. Sarada tells her she didn’t really want to study but Kumudini came suddenly in the morning and started teaching her.

Sarada’s mother-in-law tells her that it’s a good thing she is learning the alphabets. She tells her that influential people from society have been meeting Gadadhar. As his wife, she may also have to interact with them and therefore knowing how to read and write could be useful. However, she asks Sarada to inform Gadadhar that she is learning to read and write.

Later, Sarada goes with her slate and chalk to meet Gadadhar while he is praying in the Kali temple. Bishtucharan sees her with her slate and says Gadadhar may not have the time for her. However, Sarada goes in and waits for him to finish his hymn.

Sarada tells Gadadhar that Kumudini is teaching her to read and write and has asked her to practice writing. But Sarada tells him she is having difficulty with some of the letters and asks for his help in writing them. Gadadhar says he is happy that Kumudini is teaching her to read and write. But he tells her he cannot help her as he would avoid going to school as a child and doesn’t know how to write. Sarada refuses to believe him. She feels he is like a sea of knowledge and refuses to believe he doesn’t know a simple thing like this. She tells him if he is busy, she will come some other time. Gadadhar doesn’t know what to do and asks Ma Kali to get him out of this situation and wonders if he too will have to learn to read and write now.

The next day, Kumudini gets ready to go to school. Jagadamba says she did a puja for her and blesses her with the puja flower. Kumudini tells her she inquired about the school and has found out that British madams who teach there speak only in English. She wonders how she will understand what they say and how she will speak with them. Jagadamba tells her just like she learned how to do the housework, she will learn how everything about the outside world as well.

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