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Rani Rashmoni 21 September 2021 Written Update: Kumudini walks into the Janbazzar home

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September 22, 2021

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Dwarika and Kumudini get married before the sacred fire and Dwarika takes her to his Janbazzar home. However, Padma who is the head of the family after her mother’s death refuses to perform the welcoming ritual and asks Dwarika to take her and leave. Annada performs the ritual and welcomes Kumudini but says she must take Ramchandra and Padma’s blessings.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Nagen Chowdhury comes and insults Dwarika and Kumudini and threatens to destroy Dwarika’s family. Padma objects to Dwarika and Kumudini’s marriage and says she won’t attend it. Jagadamba tells Kumudini she must be ready to face the opposition. Later, Sarada tells Gadadhar that Kumudini spoke of some secrets which she wanted to share. Gadadhar tells her Kumudini will surely speak to Dwarika about it. He believes Dwarika and Kumudini’s marriage isn’t ordinary and has Ma Kali’s blessings. At the wedding, Dwarika and Kumudini’s `Shubho Drishti’ takes place.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Dwarika and Kumudini exchange garlands and take the seven circles around the sacred fire. Dwarika puts the vermillion from the Kali temple that Sarada had given on Kumudini’s head. Kumudini cannot believe she is marrying Dwarika.

Trilokya comes and says he has brought the horse cart to take them to the Janbazzar home. Dwarika feels Trilokya has not come on his own but was forced by Jagadamba to come and pick them up.

Dwarika and Kumudini go to the Dakshineswar temple to take Gadadhar and Sarada’s blessings after the marriage. Gadadhar and Sarada bless the newlyweds. Sarada wishes Kumudini happiness and prays that she succeeds in making everyone in her new family happy.

When they reach home, Padma gets angry with Kamala for bringing Kumudini to the Janbazzar home. She says there will be no `boron’ or welcoming ritual. She tells Dwarika to take his bride and go away. She tells Dwarika that she is not like his mother Jagadamba whose heart melts easily. She tells Dwarika to take his bride and go away.

Dwarika asks Padma to call his mother Jagadamba but Padma she says she is doing `puja’. She tells him that she is the head of the family now and she has taken the decision that Dwarika should leave with Kumudini. When Dwarika asks Padma if she wants him to leave the house, Padma clarifies she only wants Kumudini to leave. Dwarika tells her he has married Kumudini and cannot forsake her responsibility.

Annada comes with the `boron dala’ the plate used to perform the `boron’ or welcoming ritual of newlyweds and requests Padma to perform Dwarika and Kumudini’s welcoming ritual. Padma gets furious with Annada and calls Ganesh. Padma says if Annada behaves like this, she will have her sent back to Nabadwip where her mother stays.

Ganesh tells his mother Padma that he sent Annada with the `boron dala’ and asks Padma to perform the ritual as Dwarika and Kumudini are already married and Kumudini is now the family’s Lakshmi and driving her away would be disrespectful. However, Padma refuses to do Kumudini’s `boron’ and leaves in a huff. Ganesh asks Annada to perform the ritual and goes to pacify Padma.

Annada performs the `boron’ ritual. She then makes Kumudini step into the red colour `alta’ and milk mixture and walk into their house. But after Kumudini walks in Annada tells Kumudini to take Padma and Ramchandra’s blessings and says it is Jagadamba’s instruction.

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