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Rani Rashmoni 20 October 2021 Written Update: Gadadhar comes to Janbazzar dressed as a woman


October 23, 2021

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When Ma Kali tells Gadadhar that his `sadhana’ in the maternal form is complete, Gadadhar tells her he wants to worship her in this form before ending his `sadhana’. She grants him his wish. Meanwhile, Dwarika invites Gadadhar to do Ma Durga’s `Sandhi Puja’ at Janbazzar. Gadadhar comes dressed as a woman to do the puja. While Dwarika has no objection, Trilokya objects to Gadadhar doing the puja. Raghob explains how Gadadhar proved many people wrong in the past when they witnessed his divine powers.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, we see that Ramchandra and Trilokya come to the temple and instruct the priests that Gadadhar must not be allowed inside the temple dressed up as a lady. Hriday tells them that Gadadhar is doing a `sadhana’ in the maternal form but they refuse to listen. Kumudini tells Dwarika that Trilokya was complaining about Gadadhar to Ramchandra, and they have gone to the temple. She tells him she is worried about Gadadhar. Dwarika decides to call Gadadhar to do the `Sandhi Puja’ when Kumudini expresses her desire to see Gadadhar. He writes a letter to Gadadhar inviting him to Janbazzar. Meanwhile, at the temple, the ascetic comes and gives the Ram Lala idol to Gadadhar and says Ram Lala would like to stay with him. The ascetic tells Gadadhar that he has realized that Ram Lala is everywhere.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, Gadadhar goes to Ma Kali, who thanks him for the joy he let her experience. She says his `sadhana’ in the maternal form has been successfully completed. However, Gadadhar tells her he would like to worship her in his feminine form before ending his `sadhana’. She grants his wish and says that he will embody all the forms of womanhood in this final phase of his `sadhana’.

After praying to Ma Kali, Gadadhar sets off for Janbazzar. At Janbazzar, Kumudini wonders why Gadadhar has not yet arrived to do the Sandhi Puja. Kamala tells her not to worry and says if Gadadhar does not come, Dwarika will go and fetch him by car.

Padma wonders why the Sandhi Puja has not yet started and asks the priest if he needs something. The priest says he has everything, but Dwarika has asked him not to start the puja. Ramchandra asks Raghob why Dwarika has stalled the puja. Raghob says he doesn’t know but it appears that Dwarika is waiting for someone to come.

When Dwarika says he is going to the temple, Ramchandra realizes that Dwarika may be going to fetch Gadadhar. He tells Dwarika that he meant to speak to him after the puja but feels he must have a talk right now.

Ramchandra tells Dwarika and Ganesh that Gadadhar is showing signs of mental illness and is behaving in a manner that cannot be accepted. Trilokya tells Dwarika that Gadadhar needs to be treated for his mental illness.

Dwarika refuses to listen to them and says he does not take what the other priests say seriously. He tells Trilokya that his father Mathur would never accept any criticism against Gadadhar. Dwarika adds that in his father’s absence it is his responsibility to protect Gadadhar’s reputation. Besides he says no one can judge Gadadhar who is bestowed with divine grace.

Suddenly there is a storm. Dwarika and Kumudini try to save the flame of the lamps from blowing off. Kumudini asks Dwarika why Gadadhar has not yet come. As if in answer to her question, Gadadhar dressed in a saree walks in.

He goes before Ma Durga and is about to start praying when Dwarika stops him and asks him who he is. Gadadhar then shows Dwarika his face. Dwarika is taken aback when he sees it is Gadadhar. Gadadhar tells Dwarika in a motherly tone that how could he not come when Dwarika who is like a son called him.

Kumudini asks Gadadhar why he is dressed as a woman. Gadadhar then tells her that to pray to Maa Durga who is a woman, he decided to come dressed as her `sakhi’ or female friend and serve her. He asks Dwarika if he can do Ma Durga’s `aarti’ in this form. Dwarika tells him he certainly can and says he was waiting for him all this while.

However, Triokya objects to Gadadhar praying to Ma Durga in a woman’s attire. He says Gadadhar is not in his senses. Raghob tells Trilokya that this is what many people felt about Gadadhar in the past, but they were all eventually proved wrong and witnessed Gadadhar’s divine powers.

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