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Rani Rashmoni 2 November, 2021 Written Update: Nagen tells Dwarika that Kumudini was picked up by dacoits


November 3, 2021

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Kumudini comes early in the morning to Sarada’s house and learns how to make the `alpona’ design for the puja from her. Her Lakshmi’s feet design wins praise from everyone at home. Nagen walks into Dwarika’s house and says Kumudini is tainted as she was picked up by dacoits. Dwarika tries to strangle him while Trilokya asks him to provide proof. Nagen then asks Khirod to call his witnesses.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, Sarada asks Gadadhar to sanctify the amulet she made for Kumudini. Gadadhar prays for Kumudini and puts holy water on the amulet to purify it. Later, Padma gets angry when she finds out that Dwarika took the women for an outing. She gets an even bigger shock when she finds out that Kumudini rode a horse. She complains to Jagadamba about Kumudini and Dwarika. That night, consumed by jealousy, Nagen burns an effigy of Dwarika.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, Kumudini comes to meet Sarada and takes her blessings. Sarada blesses her and teaches her to draw Ma Lakshmi’s feet using `alpona’. She tells Kumudini to make sure that Ma Lakshmi’s feet are pointed towards the house and not pointing the other way. Sarada also tells her to make the design of a stalk of grain between the feet, as Ma Lakshmi is a symbol of prosperity.

Later, Sarada puts on the amulet for Kumudini and Kumudini breaks down. Kumudini tells Sarada all about her past. She tells Sarada that she was betrothed to Dwarika but was picked up by dacoits while going for her engagement. However, she tells Sarada that before the dacoits could harm her in any way, she escaped from their clutches and eventually reached the temple.

Sarada tells Kumudini that she could not have married Dwarika without Ma Kali’s blessings and says she was destined to be with him, otherwise Dwarika would not have rescued her from Nagen and married her.

Sarada tells her she should have told Dwarika about it by now and asks her to tell him everything as soon as possible. Kumudini promises to tell Dwarika everything after the Lakshmi Puja.

At home, everyone is impressed with Kumudini’s beautiful `alpona’ design and the way she arranged everything for the Lakshmi Puja including making the sweets for the puja. When Jagadamba is surprised how she learnt to draw Ma Lakshmi’s feet, Kumudini says she went early in the morning to meet Sarada Ma and learnt it from her. Jagadamba praises Kumudini for her intelligence.

Later, Kumudini reads the Lakshmi `panchali’ while everyone sits and listens to her. After she finishes reading the `panchali’, Nagen walks into the house and reveals that Kumudini was picked up by dacoits. He says he is lucky he didn’t marry her. Dwarika attacks Nagen while Trilokya asks Nagen for proof. Nagen tells Khirod to call his witnesses to the house. Kumudini feels she is doomed.

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