Rani Rashmoni 15 April 2021 Written Update: Ganesh’s father meets Rani

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April 16, 2021



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In the previous episode of the Zee Bangla show Rani Rashmoni, Jagadamba asks Mathur to make some new jewellery for Annada as she gave her earlier ones away to the Baishnabs when they came to ask for alms. Rani is worried about Padma’s reaction while Mathur feels Annada is very simple and that is her biggest gift. Later, Kamala and Peshonno ask Annada to not hide from Ganesh and take care of him. When Ganesh enters her room and hands Annada flowers to put on her hair, Annada rushes to offer the flowers to god.

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In the current episode of Rani Rashmoni, Annada is asked to cook fish for Ganesh but feels nauseous just looking at the fish. Padma wants no compromise with her son’s food and tells Annada that Ganesh loves to eat meat and fish and she will have to cook food for him. Rani realizes Annada’s problem and tells her she does not have to cook the fish, just serve it to Ganesh. Jagadamba asks Annada to cook the vegetarian food.

Later, Annada serves food to Ganesh but everything is vegetarian. Noticing this, Padma gets furious and asks her to get the bowl of fish for Ganesh. However, Annada feels it is wrong to kill fish as they are Lord Krishna’s creatures. Padma is furious.

Just then Rani walks in and Padma confronts Rani about choosing Annada as Ganesh’s wife. When Jagadamba asks Annada to get the bowl of fish from the kitchen, Annada says it is against her religion to touch fish. If she does, it will be a sin. Padma says she must follow the norms of the family she married into. Rani feels it is wrong to ask someone to change one’s religion. Rani asks Peshonno and Kamala to get the fish. But Padma is adamant that Annada must bring it for Ganesh. Padma says since Annada has married into this family she has to abide by the rules of the family and not the other way around.

Padma refuses to budge and tells Annada that either she gets the bowl of fish for her son Ganesh or she will no longer accept Annada as her son’s wife. Annada then falls at Padma’s feet and says she will do anything except touch meat and fish.

Ganesh says that since he went to Nabadwip, he has not been having non-vegetarian food and has since developed a dislike for fish and meat. Padma walks off in a huff and says there is no need for her to stay here anymore in that case.

When Jagadamba asks Rani to go and make Padma understand, Rani speaks of Annada and says that a girl with strong religious beliefs like Annada cannot be stopped by anyone in anything she does and one day Padma will realize Annada’s strength.

While Annada sits and fans Ganesh as he eats his food, Peshonno and Kamala tells her that she is really brave to have spoken to Rani the way she did and that they would never have had the courage to talk to her in that manner. Ganesh then tells Annada that if she does not want to touch fish, she need not.

Later Mathur and Jagadamba hand over jewellery to Padma for Annada and ask her to make her wear them. Padma reluctantly hands them over to Annada saying that she had no intention of giving her any jewellery but since her sister has made them for her, she is handing them over. Rani asks her not to take what Padma says to heart and tells her that one day she will love her very much.

Gopal then comes and announces that Padma’s husband and Ganesh’s father has arrived with his guru and is waiting outside. Mathur goes to meet him. When Mathur tells him to go and meet Rani inside, Ganesh’s father tells Mathur to ask Rani to come outside instead as he wants to discuss his son’s marriage without his consent.

His guru then says that he will not let the Das family be ruined and that Ganesh’s father hails from a prestigious lineage and how dare Rani to get Ganesh married to a widow’s daughter. Rani says she is aware of his lineage and says that is the reason why her husband had given his favourite daughter in marriage to Mathur. Since then, she has always loved her sons-in-law as her own sons. She says, if she took a decision for her son’s son, she did it after due consideration. She also reminds him that Ganesh is also her grandson. Ganesh’s father however feels Rani has no right to get his son married without his consent.

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