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Rani Rashmoni 14 December, 2021 Written Update: Dwarika finds out that Nagen visited the new temple’s site


December 16, 2021

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Dwarika finds out that Nagen visited the Annapurna temple site and decides to guard it. However, Kumudini worries that Nagen may be plotting against them. Nagen who has asked the British to demolish the temple’s lion gate rejoices in his home. Meanwhile, at the temple, Gadadhar notices that the `tantriks’ are misusing their powers to mislead innocent people who come to visit them rather than pray to Ma Kali. Later, he sees Tantrik Chandrabodhan holding a young girl’s hand and looking at her with lust-filled eyes. He decides he cannot allow this sin to take place within the temple’s premises.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, when Dwarika, Jagadamba and Kumudini come to the temple, Haran Thakur introduces them to two omniscient ‘tantriks’ who have come to the temple to meet Gadadhar. But though the ‘tantriks’ use their supernatural powers and impress Ramchandra and Trilokya, Kumudini and Dwarika aren’t impressed. Gadadhar meets them and asks them to be careful lest people think they are gods. Gadadhar says he does not believe in displaying his powers as Ma Kali did not give him permission. Tantrik Chandrabodon and Girijanath who are Gadadhar’s guru brothers as they too acquired their tantra knowledge from Bhairavi Ma feel there is no point in doing austere tantra sadhana if one can’t use the powers acquired from doing it. Meanwhile, Nagen goes to meet officer Robinson and complains to him that Dwarika copied the British empire’s lion emblem and used it as the symbol on his temple’s ‘toran’.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, Kumudini comes to give Dwarika ‘avriti’ from the holy lamp after doing her puja. Dwarika tells her he is going through all the documents relating to the Annapurna temple’s site to ensure that there is no legal problem. He tells Kumudini that the British soldiers are active in that area and asks her to help him with this.

Suddenly, her right eye starts fluttering and she feels something bad might happen. Dwarika feels she is being superstitious and says it just indicates that her body is heated up and needs to be cooled. When she refuses to let him get her ‘misri’ water, he says he has another way of treating it as well and puts a warm compress on her eye by heating his robe on the lamp.

Just then Raghob comes and tells Dwarika that Nagen had visited the Annapurna temple site. Dwarika decides to have the temple guarded and decides to takes guards along with him the next day and posts them at the site. Raghob says he will arrange for the guards but tells Dwarika to be careful, nevertheless.

Dwarika tells her to accompany him with Jagadamba to the temple site the next day and asks her to invite Kamala and Annada too. He tells her that with his brave wife by his side he is not worried about miscreants like Nagen. Though Dwarika assures her that nothing will happen, Kumudini worries that Nagen may create problems.

Nagen rejoices and feels that very soon the British will soon destroy the lion gate that Dwarika built with so much love. He thanks Ma Kali for this and asks Khirod to offer prayers at the Kali temple.

Meanwhile, the two ‘tantriks’ who have arrived at the temple start telling people their fortunes and perform miracles to impress them. As news of their arrival spreads, people begin to throng the temple to seek their blessings and advice. Haran Thakur organizes the `darshan’ for the people and mocks Gadadhar and Hriday.

Gadadhar tells Hriday to send devotees to his house and decides to go home. While leaving, he notices that Tantrik Chandrabodon is holding a young girl’s hand and looking at her with lust-filled eyes. He tells Ma Kali that this is a sin, and he can’t allow it in the temple.

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