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Rani Rashmoni 12 November, 2021 Written Update: Nagen plots against Gadadhar


November 16, 2021

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Nagen promises Haran Thakur more money than he earns in an entire year if he spies on Gadadhar for him and finds out where he has kept Kumudini. He tells him that after he finds out he must tell him in advance about it so he can get eminent people from society to the temple and expose Gadadhar and have him removed. Later, Nagen meets Rudreshwar and instigates him against Gadadhar. When Rudreshwar says he must pray to Ma Kali to understand how Gadadhar performed the miracles at his site the previous night and how he managed to take away all his powers.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, an unconscious Kumudini wakes and tells Sarada that Nagen had chased her through the forest and tried to take her to his bungalow. However, thanks to Ma Kali’s grace she escaped. When Kumudini says she cannot stay in the temple, Sarada says that no one will know she is with her and asks her not to step out of the house. Later, Jagadamba, Padma, Trilokya, Annada and Kamala come to the temple to pray for Dwarika. Kumudini hears them speaking with Haran Thakur and finds out that Dwarika is very sick. While leaving the temple Annada sees Kumudini’s feet in the jungle and Kamala also sees someone. Sarada takes her back to the house before anyone catches her. Later, Annada and Kamala go to Sarada’s house before leaving. Kumudini hides under a blanket and manages to avert their eyes.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, when Kumudini worries about Dwarika, Sarada says her prayers will help him recover. Meanwhile, Nagen is upset that all his efforts to get hold of Kumudini are proving to be futile. If earlier it was Dwarika, now it’s Gadadhar who is trying to take her away from him.

He sends Khirod to get Haran Thakur to his bungalow. When Haran Thakur comes there, Nagen tells Haran Thakur that he feels Gadadhar has kept Kumudini, who was taken by dacoits, in the temple. Haran Thakur says he hasn’t seen her there, but Nagen insists she is there and Gadadhar is probably hiding her.

He tells Haran Thakur that he will pay him more than what he earns in an entire year in the form of donations if he spies on Gadadhar and finds Kumudini. Haran Thakur says he doesn’t need money but feels the temple is being defiled if a girl who is tarnished is living in the temple premises and he cannot allow that to happen.

Nagen tells him that if he does find that Kumudini is in the temple, he should tell him about it first so that he can go there with esteemed members of society and expose Gadadhar. Nagen feels Gadadhar must be taught a lesson.

Haran Thakur recollects that he didn’t see Gadadhar in the temple in the morning when Jagadamba and the others came to offer prayers for Dwarika’s wellbeing. Nagen is glad to hear that Dwarika is sick and thanks Ma Kali. Nagen feels that when Dwarika hears that his beloved wife has been kidnapped by him, he will certainly not survive.

Haran Thakur realizes what Nagen’s game plan is and asks him for an advance. But the wily Nagen says he will give him the donation only after he fulfils his wish. Nagen tells his companions that he will not rest till he gets hold of Kumudini and sullies Dwarika’s reputation.

Later, Nagen visits Rudreshwar and tries to instigate him against Gadadhar. He tells Rudreshwar that he mustn’t lose to Gadadhar. Rudreshwar says he cannot understand why Ma Kali took away his powers. He says he will do `sadhana’ again to find out how Gadadhar performed the miracles he witnessed the previous night and how Gadadhar managed to take away all his powers.

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