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Rani Rashmoni 10 November, 2021 Written Update: Gadadhar brings Kumudini back with him


November 16, 2021

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Rudreshwar refuses to believe that Ma Kali is angry with him. He blames Gadadhar for plunging his prayer site into darkness. He tells Gadadhar that only if he succeeds in lighting up all the lamps will he be allowed to leave with Kumudini. Gadadhar tells him that Ma Kali is the very source of light in the universe and if she wants, she will light up all the lamps in an instant. He prays to Ma Kali to not just light up the prayer site but enlighten the minds of the believers who worship her here. After he completes his prayer, the lights of the prayer site light up. Then suddenly a fire encircles the Idol, and an angry Ma Kali appears. Rudreshwar is both frightened and awe struck to see Ma Kali in this form. But Gadadhar begs Ma Kali to return to her maternal benevolent form and not destroy everything. Ma Kali is pacified, and the raging fires disappear. Gadadhar takes an unconscious Kumudini to his house and tells Sarada and Hriday not to tell anyone that she is there.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, Raghob brings a doctor who gives Dwarika an injection to bring down his fever. However, the doctor warns that his condition will deteriorate if he doesn’t come out of depression. Later, Gadadhar prays to Ma Kali to stop Rudreshwar from misusing his powers. Ma Kali blows out all the lamps at Rudreshwar’s site. Not to be outdone, Rudreshwar uses his occult powers to light them up again but fails to do so. He refuses to believe that Ma Kali is angry with him and challenges Gadadhar to light up the lamps.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, Rudreshwar tells Gadadhar that he cannot leave his site till he lights up all the lamps. Rudreshwar says that he never keeps his Ma Kali idol in the dark but for the first time she is in darkness because of him. Gadadhar tells him that Ma Kali herself is the source of all light in the universe and if she wants, she can light up this place in an instant. He tells Ma Kali to awaken and dispel the darkness not just in the material world but also the darkness in everyone’s minds. He asks Ma Kali to reveal the light of knowledge.

Gadadhar then sings a ‘shrotam’ in Ma Kali’s praise and as he ends his hymn, the lights at Rudreshwar’s prayer site light up. Nagen and Khirod who are watching from a distance are shocked to see this. Rudreshwar too is shocked.

Suddenly, fire encircles the idol of Ma Kali and a glare of light emanates from Ma Kali’s idol that blinds everyone. The energy released from that glare makes everyone lose their senses and faint. Nagen, Khirod, Rudreshwar’s devotees and Kumudini become unconscious and collapse. Only Rudreshwar and Gadadhar are conscious.

Then an angry Ma Kali appears. Rudreshwar keeps shaking in fear when he sees her and says he never showed him this form before and falls at her feet. Gadadhar sees Ma Kali’s angry form and asks her to calm down. He tells her that not to destroy everything in this angry form and asks her to return to her maternal form. He tells her to be born in the hearts of her devotees in a pure form. Ma Kali then transforms into the idol and all the raging fire gets extinguished.

Rudreshwar sits with his eyes transfixed to the idol while Gadadhar hails Ma Kali and thanks her. Gadadhar then tries to wake Kumudini up but she does not regain consciousness. Gadadhar takes Kumudini to his home and asks Sarada to take care of her.

Sarada asks Gadadhar where he found Kumudini and Gadadhar narrates that she was on Rudreshwar’s prayer site. Hriday is shocked as the burning ghat is in the opposite direction. But Gadadhar explains that Kumudini did not go of her own free will but was drawn by Rudreshwar to his site.

Gadadhar tells them that Rudreshwar was trying to use his occult powers to harm Kumudini. Gadadhar says he tried to explain to Rudreshwar not to misuse his powers, but Rudreshwar refused to listen to him.

When Hriday wonders why Rudreshwar would want to harm Kumudini, Sarada says she believes Nagen is behind everything. She says Nagen was the one who forced Kumudini to leave her home and she suspects that he may have attacked her in the forest when he saw her alone. She feels that if Ma Kali had not given her a clue, Kumudini would not have been rescued.

Gadadhar tells Sarada and Hriday not to tell anyone that Kumudini is in their house. When Sarada notices that Kumudini’s amulet is missing, Gadadhar tells her that Kumudini had lost it on the way. He tells Sarada that only when he found it, he realized which direction she had gone in. He believes Ma Kali herself protected Kumudini.

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